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[SMM lead Morning News] Lun lead continued shock trend and closed up 0.19% overnight.
Oct 10,2019 08:35CST
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SMM, 10 October:

Overnight, lun lead opened at 2144 US dollars / ton, in Asia, Lun lead went down along the front line of 2138 US dollars, and entered the European period, Lun lead fluctuated downward, low down to 2117 US dollars / ton, after the main force entered the market at a low level, Lun lead gradually recovered its decline, and finally reported a decline of 2141.5 US dollars / ton, up 4 US dollars / ton, or 0.19%. Lun lead newspaper closed the lower line, the 10th line was briefly supported, the future focus on Lun lead 2100 dollars to support the pass.

Overnight, Shanghai lead 1911 contract opened at 16945 yuan / ton, Shanghai lead shock weakened at the beginning of the day, low down to 16865 yuan / ton, and then as Lun lead strengthened, Shanghai lead recovered some of the decline, and finally reported 16915 yuan / ton. After the Shanghai lead high level falls, the current price is in the introduction level, the short-term attention below the 60-day moving average support.

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