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[SMM lead Morning News] Macro-environmental unrest, Lun lead High fell 2.04%
Oct 9,2019 08:34CST
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SMM, 9 October:

Overnight, Lun lead opened at US $2182 / tonne. In the Asian period, Lun lead concussion fell and reached US $2170 below to gain short support. Later, as domestic prices remained strong, Lun lead shock rebounded and entered the European period. Lun lead continued the upward trend. At one point, the high level hit 2189.5 US dollars / ton. Then the market sentiment suddenly changed, and Lun lead dived and went downhill at high level. At night, it basically showed a rapid downward trend. It ended down $44.50, or 2.04 per cent, at $2137.5 a tonne. Lun lead high closing long negative line, suspend the upward trend of money, there is still technical support, the future attention in the high pressure back down, Lun lead still has the power to rise, if the trend is weak, need to be careful Lun lead high fall.

Overnight, Shanghai lead opened at 17180 yuan / ton, initially dragged down by the outside plate, Shanghai lead opened low and walked low, the whole process almost did not rebound, the low once fell to 17015 yuan / ton, finally reported at 17040 yuan / ton, down 165 yuan / ton, down 0.96%, the position was reduced by 1644 hands to 54354 hands. Shanghai lead completed a make-up market yesterday, overnight affected by overseas, the upward trend basically ended, the lower temporary attention to 17000 support, material support is limited, with weak consumption in the fourth quarter, coupled with refinery profit repair, supply pressure, Shanghai lead to stronger pressure.

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