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"2019 China Copper Industry Summit and Copper Rod Industry chain Summit" won the support of Buddhist Machinery
Oct 8,2019 16:21CST
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Under the influence of the global economy by the trade war, this year's terminal housing market is not as expected, plumbing, hardware industry is also difficult to escape, copper rod enterprises continue to enhance their core competitiveness through technological reform, in order to strive for the top under the macro background of internal and external troubles.

For this reason, according to the needs of the vast number of industry users in the market, SMM held the "2019 China Copper Industry Summit Forum and Copper Rod Industry chain Summit", joined hands with copper rod processing enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises, invited famous enterprise leaders and technical backbones to advise the copper rod industry, and conducted in-depth discussion and analysis on the demand of real estate related industries such as downstream plumbing and hardware, market management risk control, and new product development. The summit aims to bring more market opportunities and communication opportunities for industry customers, jointly meet challenges and opportunities, and create a better future for the copper industry.

On the occasion of the meeting, we sincerely invite "Foshan Foye Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd." to participate in the sponsorship support of this meeting, in the copper rod processing technology, to provide equipment and technical support for the participating enterprises, and to facilitate the smooth holding of the copper rod industry chain summit.

Foshan Foye Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. (Foshan) is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Founded in 2008, Foshan Foye Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacture, sales and service of metal automatic finishing equipment in the field of iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industry.

Foye main products include combined drawing machine, double-chain continuous drawing machine, two-roll straightener, bar automatic drawing machine, chamfering machine, special-shaped straightening machine and so on. Products are widely used in iron and steel (easy to cut iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, high speed steel), non-ferrous metal copper aluminum and other wire bar pipe profile industry. In the industry, whether it is the design concept, technical level, production scale, product quality, or after-sales service are in China's leading level. To provide users with high-tech content, high-performance equipment and comprehensive high-quality service, so that we enjoy a good reputation in the industry. The reason why our design solutions and equipment are convincing depends on leading process technology, excellent product quality, excellent operational performance, excellent economic benefits and strong teamwork. We tailor the process and equipment solutions for them according to the needs of our users, so that our users can maintain a leading position in the fierce market competition.

Buddha smelter is guided by innovation, technology as the core, quality as the enterprise mission, customers talk about the joint drawing machine must be Buddha for the enterprise vision. Always adhering to the "craftsman spirit" for the essence of corporate culture, adhere to the craftsmanship conscience, become the cornerstone of the company's long-term development.

Foye Company is conveniently located adjacent to Guangzhou, about 65 km from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 30 km from Guangzhou South Station and 6 km from Foshan West Station. Foye company product system is excellent, service to the hearts of the people, traffic convenience, welcome the industry to inquire and patronize, sincere cooperation, to create a brilliant cause.

The copper rod industry chain summit is about to open! Foye Company gathered with you to explore the road of development in Ningbo!

Foshan Foye Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd.


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Web site: www.drawmachinery.com www.foyemech.com

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"Click to sign up for the Bronze Rod Industry Summit Forum free of charge.

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