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Sanmenxia aluminum industry transformation plan announced: explore the establishment of municipal aluminum industry development fund
Oct 8,2019 10:27CST
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SMM: recently, the Sanmenxia municipal government website issued the "Sanmenxia aluminum industry transformation and development implementation plan" (abbreviated as "the scheme"). The "plan" proposes that by 2020, the annual production capacity of alumina will be stable at about 5 million tons, the annual production capacity of deep-processed products such as high-end aluminum wheels and aluminum plates and strips will increase to more than 400000 tons, and the main income of the aluminum industry will reach more than 20 billion yuan. Cultivate five key enterprises with annual main income of more than 2 billion yuan.

The main contents include:

We will further optimize the construction environment of the first phase of the Baowu Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 600000 tons of aluminum alloy (300000 tons), and strive to be completed and put into production in 2020.

Urban and rural integration demonstration zones, Mianchi County industrial agglomeration areas and other provincial industrial agglomeration areas with aluminum industry as the leading industry will expand investment, introduce characteristic enterprises, rely on large aluminum processing enterprises, and vigorously develop new high-end aluminum alloy materials as raw materials. production of aviation, rail transit, vehicles, marine, military aluminum products, promote aluminum deep processing products to high-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy, high-end deep aluminum alloy processing extension.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to develop building formwork, building maintenance panels, aluminum furniture, tank materials, packaging aluminum foil, aluminum guide rods (wires) and other products around the application fields of construction, household, packaging, electric power, and so on. We will speed up the promotion of "saving copper with aluminum, replacing steel with aluminum, replacing wood with aluminum" and expanding the application of aluminum products. In the aluminum backbone enterprises around the introduction of small and medium-sized processors on-site conversion of alumina, aluminum sheet and foil, to build a number of distinctive aluminum intensive processing professional enterprises.

Withdraw from the electrolytic aluminum production capacity in the central urban area by 2020.

Support Sanmenxia urban-rural integration demonstration zone to make use of convenient transportation to build alumina, electrolytic aluminum logistics reserve turnover center, attract Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia electrolytic aluminum production enterprises to set up electrolytic aluminum storage and delivery warehouse in our city, to ensure the raw material source of aluminum deep processing enterprises in our city.

We will support the industrial agglomeration areas in Mianchi County to make use of the advantages of resources and build warehousing and logistics centers such as alumina.

By the end of 2019, the city's qualified aluminum carbon enterprises to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions. It is strictly forbidden to increase carbon production capacity for aluminum in any name.

By the end of October 2020, independent aluminum carbon enterprises of less than 100000 tons / year will be eliminated and independent carbon enterprises that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety will be withdrawn.

Sanmenxia Industry and Information Bureau should explore the establishment of municipal aluminum industry development fund to provide financial support for the integrated development of the whole industry chain of aluminum industry.

The full text is as follows:


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