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The United States reports ADP Employment increased by 135000 in September
Oct 2,2019 20:29CST
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SMM10, March 2: U.S. ADP employment rose 135000 in September and is expected to increase by 140000, compared with a previous increase of 195000. After the data were released, US stock index futures fell in the short term, with spot gold returning to $1490 an ounce, up 0.7 per cent on the day.

The ADP report showed that trade / transport / utility employment increased by 28000 in September and 39000 in August. Employment in the financial services sector increased by 5000 in September and 5000 in August. Employment in professional / business services increased by 20, 000 in September and 35000 in August. Manufacturing employment rose 2000 in September and 8000 in August. Employment in the construction sector increased by 9000 in September and 6000 in August.

Overnight, the latest ISM manufacturing PMI in the United States hit a new low after the end of the financial crisis, sparking fears of a recession. Given the weak data, the Fed is likely to continue to "switch pigeons" at its next monetary policy meeting.

Changes in non-farm payrolls and unemployment after the September season will be announced at 20:30 Beijing time on Friday (October 4).

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