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Southern rare earths: the price of half of rare earth oxides does not fluctuate much.
Aug 12,2019
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On August 12, Southern rare Earth Group announced the listing price of rare earth oxides this week, half of the oxides changed, but not much. Among them, gadolinium oxide was listed at 172000 yuan / ton, up 2000 yuan / ton from the previous month; holmium oxide was listed at 370000 yuan / ton, down 10, 000 yuan / ton from the previous month; erbium oxide was listed at 190000 yuan / ton, down 5000 yuan / ton from the previous month; yttrium oxide was listed at 21000 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton from the previous month. The prices of other varieties are the same, samarium oxide 12000 yuan / ton, europium oxide 295000 yuan / ton, Lutetium oxide 4.3 million yuan / ton, Scandium oxide 9 million yuan / ton, ytterbium oxide 100000 yuan / ton, terbium oxide 4.12 million yuan / ton. Dysprosium oxide listed at 2.01 million yuan per ton

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