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Indium price weakness tends to be light-SMM indium spot weekly report (2019.08.05 2019.08.09)
Aug 9,2019 16:15CST

SMM, Aug. 9 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

The price of indium city fell slightly this week, from the actual trading situation of the market, the transaction quantity of refined indium is small, and the inquiry interaction is also very light. By the end of the week, the price of SMM refined indium is 1070-1110 yuan / kg, the average price is 30 yuan / kg lower than last week, the low price resources on the market continue to impact the indium price is stable. Foreign media quoted at US $160 to US $180 / kg, the upper and lower limit prices rose by US $1 / kg and US $5 / kg respectively last week, and strong prices in overseas markets could not completely prevent the weakening of domestic indium prices. At present, the indium ingot price continues to support the power has been overdrawn, and from the raw materials of crude indium production costs, market participants said that the current crude indium still has a certain profit margin. This makes from the cost point of view, because the crude indium price is strong and support the refined indium price stability of the stalemate situation is only a short-term special situation, the market as a whole has gradually lost confidence in the price stability of refined indium.

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At present, from the supply side, the manufacturers do not have an obvious unified action of limiting production and insuring price, and the recovery rate of target materials is high, which also has an impact on the supply of the market. On the demand side, speculative forces are currently pessimistic and wait-and-see, and the real terminal consumption of indium is very limited. It is expected that in the short term indium prices in the absence of fundamental changes in the situation, will begin to decline significantly in the weak.

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