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July 230 scrap copper spot trading daily review: import scrap copper supply increased year-on-year domestic holders willing to ease the price
Jul 30,2019 18:09CST
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SMM July 30 news: today's Shanghai copper main 1909 contract morning market opened at 47280 yuan / ton, today Shanghai electrolytic copper spot to the current month contract rising water 10 ~ 60 yuan / ton. Lun Copper broke through the US $6000 mark to a high of 6023 yuan per ton, while Shanghai Copper also rose as high as 47300 yuan per ton, an increase of nearly 400 yuan per ton. In the morning, the holder quoted water 20 to 60 yuan / ton, the willingness to push the price remained unchanged, but the transaction was limited. In the morning market, some traders received flat water copper near 10 yuan / ton, then flat water copper stabilized at 20 to 30 yuan / ton, good copper stabilized at 50 to 60 yuan / ton, there is no room for pressure, and there is almost no price difference between good copper and flat water copper. Wet copper continues the state of tight price, stable in the discount 20 to 10 yuan / ton, only part of the low-end imported copper in the discount 30 yuan / ton line. At the end of the month, copper futures rose, but the spot market did not see the exchange of goods, the quotation is still strong, the main reason is still the recent arrival of imported copper limited, most traders do not have financial pressure, so there is no discount source of throwing goods, at the same time, it is also difficult to carry up the water at the end of the month, the market transaction activity is low, continue to stalemate the characteristics of the saw.

Guangdong No. 1 bright copper quoted price of 43200 yuan / ton ~ 43500 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton compared with yesterday, the difference of refined waste price is 1432 yuan / ton. According to SMM statistics, in June 2019, China imported a total of 186900 physical tons of scrap copper, a decrease of 16.82 percent over the same period last year, with an average copper grade of 80.42 percent, equivalent to 150300 tons of metal, an increase of 35.70 percent over the same period last year. In the first half of 2019, China's cumulative imports of scrap copper increased by 106200 tons compared with the same period last year. From this we can see that imports of scrap copper did not tighten in the first half of the year. The sentiment of domestic stockholders has eased somewhat, but the light pattern of consumption in the lower reaches has not changed, and the market transaction has not improved obviously.

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