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[SMM analysis] domestic electrolytic manganese exports increased by 19.95 per cent in June 2019 compared with the previous month
Jul 29,2019 14:39CST
Domestic Electrolytic Manganese exports increased by 19.95% in June 2019 compared with June 2019
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According to the latest customs statistics, China's export of electrolytic manganese (unforged manganese; scrap; powder) reached 35603 tons in June 2019, an increase of 19.95 percent over May 2019, and a decrease of 2.86 percent from 36652 tons in June 2018. (including 8316 tons of electrolytic manganese exported to South Korea, 7155 tons to the Netherlands, 6320 tons to the Russian Federation, 4391 tons to Japan, 2099 tons to India, 1758 tons to the United States, and 1702 tons to Brazil)

In June 2019, China's export of forged and rolled manganese and manganese products reached 4251.31 tons, an increase of 50.8 percent over May 2019, when compared with 2818.7 tons in May 2019. (of which, 1942 tons of forged manganese and manganese tie products were exported to South Korea, 634tons to India, 599tons to the Netherlands, 4122tons to Brazil, 193tons to the United States, 120tons to Canada and 108tons to Peru).



In addition, according to historical customs data, domestic exports of electrolytic manganese (unforged manganese; scrap; powder) totaled 198553 tons in the first half of 2019, down 4.51 per cent from 207932 tons in the first half of 2018.

According to SMM research and analysis, in July, some exporters said that some overseas steel mills were in a state of summer break in July and August, and there were few inquiries, but there were also low prices of about US $1930 per ton. However, due to the low negotiation price, some exporters did not conclude a deal. On the whole, the weak operation of the electrolytic manganese market in the short term may become the main theme.

From the monthly comparison of domestic electrolytic manganese exports from 2015 to June 2019, it can be seen that China's electrolytic manganese exports have a decreasing trend in June and July 2018, but China's electrolytic manganese exports began to increase gradually in August 2018. therefore, some exporters believe that the main factor affecting China's electrolytic manganese export volume is that July is in the summer high temperature period, and the summer break of overseas steel mills will affect the production and operation of overseas steel mills. In turn, the purchase of electrolytic manganese will be reduced, and in line with the trend of less inquiry in summer, it is expected that the export volume of electrolytic manganese in China may decrease in July 2019.

On the other hand, the domestic electrolytic manganese market price also gradually disappeared with the receipt of goods and high prices in the northern large factories in late July. At present, some retail spot negotiations in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle rely on about 12800 yuan / ton. Some operators say that the futures signing price is about 12800 yuan / ton lower than before. On the other hand, the foreign industry believes that the progress of the steel move is slow at the end of July, and the new round steel will comply with the market with a high probability of depressing the price, so it is expected that the electrolytic manganese market price will still be weak, but the specific electrolytic manganese market price trend is still closely related to the actual market demand.





























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