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2019 Edition Distribution Map of lead and Zinc Minerals & smelting Resources in China
Jul 29,2019 10:51CST
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Shanghai Nonferrous Network focuses on the direction of industrial development, combines the major institutions of the industrial chain, and works together to produce the "2019 Distribution Map of lead and Zinc Mineral and smelting Resources in China" for the lead and zinc industry chain. the purpose of this paper is to provide an authoritative, comprehensive and professional distribution map of lead and zinc mineral and smelting resources in China for employees in the lead and zinc industry.

China Inspection and Certification Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. Huangpu Branch (hereinafter referred to as Whampoa CCIC) co-produced "2019 Distribution Map of lead and Zinc Mineral and smelting Resources in China".

Inspection, identification, testing, certification, your side of the total quality service providers.

Huangpu CCIC belongs to China Inspection and Certification Group, the company has a prominent brand, is a domestic authority and international well-known inspection and certification body;

Huangpu CCIC has been engaged in port inspection business for a long time, and has established a good cooperative relationship with relevant departments, which not only has geographical advantages but also has profound network resources.

Huangpu CCIC specializes in the inspection of the weight and quality of mineral products and other goods, inspection force is strong, inspectors are experienced, skilled inspection technology, can timely and accurately provide customers with fair and just inspection services;

Huangpu CCIC has a laboratory approved by CNAS, the inspection cycle is fast, the test results are accurate;

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The Distribution Map of lead and Zinc Minerals and smelting Resources in China in 2019 is expected to be issued in August. For free collection and co-production, please contact:

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