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[notice] Gejiu Kuril co-hosts the Ninth China Tin Industry chain Trading Summit
Jul 29,2019 11:30CST
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I hear, 2019 or the hardest year in tin city? Perhaps, according to SMM research, tin processing companies face a 10% to 20% elimination rate this year. How can such shocking data not be moving? Moreover, in the environment of Sino-US trade war and slowing economic growth, market demand is declining, which is another important factor affecting tin processing enterprises. Therefore, the tin city haze is dense, the tin industry chain is facing the difficulty of industrial upgrading, how to break through the dark clouds and see the tin sun again?

Under crowdfunding, the tin industry chain is about to fight back and win the future for the tin market. The "2019 Ninth Tin Industry chain Summit", carefully prepared by SMM, will be held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province from November 7 to 8, when industry experts, senior executives of famous enterprises and senior analysts of SMM will make concerted efforts on the development of tin industry chain.

Tin summit makes people raise their heads and wear eyes, tin enterprises are always strict soldiers corn horse, Gejiu Kuril also came to help, co-host the "ninth China tin industry chain trading summit."

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Gejiu Kuril Island

Gejiu Qiandao Metal Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017, located in Datun Town, Gejiu City, Hongtupo Wanhong Villa, is a large company with non-ferrous metal trade, processing and so on. Nearly three years of hard work, so that Kuril from obscurity to stand out, from yesterday's small enterprises to today's trusted, now Gejiu Kuril not only has a rich supply of goods, and in the industry and society have been widely recognized, in the tin industry market is to occupy a place.

Kuril Island in Gejiu City is mainly engaged in the purchase of tin raw materials, mainly in Myanmar, mainly in WA State. At the same time, the company has in-depth cooperation with foreign mineral processing enterprises, the domestic business is mainly to do tin concentrate sales, tin ingot replacement processing and other business.

Gejiu Kuril adheres to the business philosophy of "win-win cooperation", attaches importance to quality and reputation, benefits customers with high quality and honesty, and seeks a win-win situation. To provide users with quality service, integrity first, mutual benefit and win-win, mutual help and common development. The pursuit of excellent management, excellent service quality. Over the past few years, we have always adhered to customer-centered, in the spirit of customer service, well received at home and abroad.

Gejiu Kuril Island from unknown small enterprises to high praise, are derived from unremitting efforts and ultra-high standards for enterprises. Today, Gejiu Kuril for the tin summit to help, but also highlight Gejiu Kuril for the tin industry chain to do their best efforts, for the tin city to see the sunrise of a force.

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Gejiu Kuril Island

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Gejiu Kuril Island
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