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The bright pearl of Yili-Yili Jinjing Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul 29,2019 12:00CST
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Into August, into the middle of summer, the hot sun around the earth, the high enthusiasm will never be extinguished, just as the Yili gold and silicon industry in the hearts of Yili gold and silicon partners, like a pearl illuminating the direction of the forward, always bright.

The bright pearl of Yili

Yili Jinjing Silicon Co., Ltd. was established in May 2008, invested by Shaoxing Jinlei Trading Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Jinyi Home Textile clothing Co., Ltd., and natural person Wang Jiayang, located in Yidong Industrial Park Mineral products processing Zone, Yining County, covering an area of more than 80 mu, registered capital of 18 million, is a professional production of industrial silicon and micro-silicon powder enterprises.

Under the attraction of the preferential policy of the national western development and the care and guidance of the Yili prefecture party committee and government, the Yili gold crystal silicon industry was built by Zhejiang businessmen in 130 million in May 2008. in March 2009, two 12500KVA industrial silicon production lines were built, and began to be put into production in May of the same year. In December 2011, an investment of 50 million was made to expand a 12500KVA industrial silicon production line, which now produces 23000 tons of industrial silicon per year. And the main models 4105 #, 411 #, 421 #, 521 # and a small amount of 553 #, 621 # all metal silicon are carried out with reference to the national testing standard GB14849-2007, iron, aluminum, calcium and other trace elements can meet the testing standards. Some of the indicators can also be lower than the industry requirements.

The company is not only guided by strict standards, but also exceeds the standards to do its best. Yili gold crystal silicon industry in line with the "quality as a guarantee, technology for development, market-oriented" operation concept. In addition to the continuous innovation and improvement in technology, a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in the finishing link to effectively improve customer satisfaction, speak with products, and ensure quality.

The company is committed to providing reliable and trusted products and services to the public. Build a first-class high-quality silicon production base, high-quality, low-cost competitive high-quality silicon products to the international market, to create the "Yili Golden Silicon" brand.

Yili gold crystal silicon industry-quality assurance, first-class quality. Yili gold silicon will never forget the original ideals and aspirations, always adhere to their own, with products to move every partner, and win the public color. Yili gold crystal silicon industry welcomes cooperation and creates resplendence together.

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Yili gold crystal silicon industry

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