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[SMM Analysis] waiting for the news surface to boost the future of medium and heavy rare earths
Jul 26,2019 20:05CST
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SMM7 26 June news:

This week, the prices of most rare earth products have dropped noticeably. This week, the prices of praseodymium and neodymium oxide decreased from 30-305000 yuan / ton to 28.7-292000 yuan / ton, neodymium oxide followed down to 28.9-294000 yuan / ton, praseodymium oxide to 38.5-395000 yuan / ton, dysprosium oxide from 190-1.92 million yuan / ton to 183-1.85 million yuan / ton, and terbium oxide from 400-4.02 million yuan / ton to 392-3.95 million yuan / ton. Gadolinium oxide fell to 16-165000 yuan / ton, erbium oxide and holmium oxide prices also decreased to 18-185000 yuan / ton and 38-390000 yuan / ton, respectively. Recently, as the downstream magnetic material factory into the off-season buying weak, some traders are pessimistic and positive low price shipment, the market has a long-term low-priced supply. Affected by the market price, the recent quotation of large plants is weak, dysprosium oxide, terbium oxide and other heavy rare earth products have also followed suit. The price of dysprosium oxide rebounded on Friday, mainly because the low price of dysprosium oxide in the rare earth market was almost exhausted on Thursday afternoon, and most businesses waited for the good news to boost the price of rare earth products. Overall, the rare earth market remained weak this week.

If the pattern of weak price operation of rare earth products is not boosted by news, the possibility of a rise in short-term prices is unlikely. In the long run, if there is no news stimulation, the price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide is weak due to the relationship between supply and demand; dysprosium, terbium and other medium and heavy rare earths can be expected in the future.

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