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Indium market trading is flat, the price is barely supporting-SMM indium spot weekly report (2019.07.22 to 2019.07.26)
Jul 26,2019 18:03CST
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SMM, July 26 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

This week's indium market trading is still weak and dull compared with last week, although the price continues to support smoothly, but the characteristics of refined indium weak crude indium are still obvious. It is difficult to ship refined indium, but the holder is in no hurry to dump the goods. Crude indium is still in short supply, and the long-term resource delivery prices of some crude indium manufacturers are not low. On the whole, the price of refined indium crude indium is still deadlocked. To the weekend SMM refined indium transaction price of 1100-1140 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week. Foreign media quoted at US $159-175 / kg, the lower limit price increased by US $2 / kg compared with last week. Although there was no movement in the overseas market, it also brought some confidence to the domestic market.

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All kinds of news in the domestic speculative market are still continuous, affecting the fluctuation of speculative indium prices. Even if an indium ingot manufacturer in Shaoguan reveals in the non-ferrous industry that an Internet industry boss may make a great contribution to the storage of indium, it is possible to spend 20 billion yuan in the future to acquire all the indium ingots from the Pan-Asian Exchange, that is, 3600 tons. However, such unverified news and some news and speculation from the Pan-Asian Exchange have yet to affect the spot market. The shortage of crude indium supply and the weak consumption of refined indium still restrict each other. And the middle force of the market also temporarily wait and see, do not choose the direction easily, the capital is not firm enter the market, spot also does not reduce position to hold at will, so the activity of market transaction is also affected to a certain extent.

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