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"2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" invited to support the enterprise-Songhe shares
Jul 24,2019 17:33CST
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The meeting in "lead" is the summit of the renewable lead battery industry.

What washes out the "lead" China is the recycled lead industry chain.

Songhe shares-is to help the "lead" army's little partner!

Why is it to help the "lead" army? First, under the environment of the trade conflict between China and the United States and the worrying global economic situation, the renewable lead industry is just the time when the wind is surging; second, the renewable lead battery industry is inextricably related to environmental protection because of its special raw materials; and because of environmental protection, the renewable lead battery industry is also facing the challenge of increasing technological innovation and industrial optimization and upgrading; therefore, the renewable lead industry chain is the key moment of challenges and opportunities.

At this critical moment, the recycled lead industry has made the road of development, that is, sponsored by SMM, will be held on August 22-23, 2019, focusing on hot topics, industrial policies, cutting-edge technologies, gathering industry experts, and jointly advising enterprises on the "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit." then Songhe shares are specially invited to help "lead".

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Songhe shares

Songhe shares, founded in 2005, is located in Anxin County, Hebei Province, the hometown of "North China Pearl Baiyangdian". Originally known as "Anxin County Huacheng Nonferrous Metal products Co., Ltd.", it is the central area of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang. Transportation is very convenient. In 2015, the shares were restructured and renamed Hebei Songhe Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. Songhe shares are the first recycled lead company in China to be listed on the new third board in March 2016. stock code 835995.

Songhe share is a comprehensive utilization enterprise of hazardous waste treatment, which reclaims the lead-containing waste produced in the production of waste battery and battery, and then restores it into recycled lead through smelting and reduction, and then forms a full series of lead-based alloys for battery production after deep processing. The company now has the annual treatment of 80,000 tons of waste batteries; annual output of 50,000 tons of recycled lead, 50,000 tons of alloy lead production capacity, products can be divided into lead-antimony series alloy, lead-calcium series alloy, lead-tin series alloy, rare earth series alloy, refined lead and recycled lead six series products. The testing equipment is an advanced direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany, which can ensure the speed and accuracy of product testing. And Songhe shares is the first to obtain ISO9001/ISO14001 quality, environmental system double certification of lead-based alloy professional production enterprises, its advanced industry, complete categories, excellent products have enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic industry, Tianjin Jess, sail shares and other large enterprises designated supporting enterprises.

At present, the company has 80 employees, the overall human resource structure of the company is reasonable, the advantage of human resources is obvious. The company obtained the Hebei high-tech enterprise certificate in October 2017. The company is committed to the research and development of environmental protection treatment technology while innovating the production process. So far, it has obtained 35 practical new patents, and the environmental protection investment reached 2.3 million yuan in 2018.

The strength of the King's way to help the "lead" King

The "king" of Songhe shares is not only its strong background, process equipment and energy consumption is its technical support; environmental protection and clean production is its self-discipline standard; production safety and occupational health is its strong demand, this is its king's strength as a help "lead".

Process equipment and energy consumption

Songhe shares have built raw material storage and hazardous waste storage in strict accordance with hazardous waste storage standards, and the recovered waste batteries are disposed of by automatic crushing equipment. The pretreatment and smelting equipment of waste battery have been equipped with negative pressure device in accordance with the requirements of relevant documents, and high efficiency automatic dedusting equipment has been adopted. The company has installed an on-line monitoring system in accordance with the requirements of its superiors, and entrusts a third party to carry out its own monitoring on a monthly basis.

At present, the company uses oxygen-natural gas (that is, pure oxygen combustion system), the combustion system is a domestic leading level of energy-saving equipment. The purity of oxygen is as high as 99.9%, and the amount of nitrogen and inert gas is very small, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the heat loss of flue gas and reduces the fuel consumption. The unit consumption per ton of lead is more than 25% less than that of the conventional combustion system. The company has introduced the production waste water and the domestic waste water treatment system, causes the waste water to be treated effectively, carries on the recycling use not to discharge, the production water circulation rate reaches 100%. The project has the initial Rain Water collection pool, Rain Water collection after treatment for production, can effectively save water resources. In the production process, the company pays great attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy, set up waste heat utilization system, supply heating system and hot water system, so as to make full use of energy.

Environmental Protection and Cleaner production

In the process of project construction, the company has strictly implemented the "three simultaneous" system of environmental impact assessment, implemented various environmental protection control measures, and the contents of construction and pollution prevention and control measures are consistent with the environmental impact assessment documents. All kinds of pollutants have been properly handled to ensure that pollutants meet the discharge standards, and the projects have successfully passed the completion and acceptance of environmental protection. The pollution discharge certificate and hazardous waste management license of the company shall be renewed regularly in accordance with the relevant provisions, and all of them are within the period of validity. The company strictly implements the transfer form system, and the joint form after the transfer is properly kept. The company regularly carries on the accident drill, the training to the staff, the emergency supplies are complete. The company's contingency plan has also been put on record. The company has a special environmental management organization to resolutely put an end to excessive discharge, illegal discharge, and malicious discharge, strengthen the construction of a self-regulatory system, and consciously accept public supervision. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of the company's work, the company is specially equipped with a vacuum truck, sprinkler, suction, sprinkler every day to ensure that the company's environment is clean and tidy. The company's production process and equipment selection, resource and energy utilization, products, pollutants, etc., are in line with the requirements of clean production, and have been examined by relevant departments and experts.

The company has outstanding advantages in energy saving and environmental protection. Recovery smelting is the first to use the most advanced all-oxygen combustion technology in the whole industry, which reduces emissions by more than 60%, and makes the total recovery rate of lead reach more than 98.5%, reaching the industry leading level. It has well realized the regeneration cycle of "lead battery-waste lead battery-regeneration treatment-lead and alloy lead-lead battery". It has been appraised as the pilot unit of circular economy in Hebei Province, the advanced collective of China Nonferrous Metals Industry and the Vice President of recycled Metals Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Association.

Safety in production and Occupational Health

The company has formulated the production safety responsibility system and safety management system, the company's production safety management system has become more and more perfect, and has become a second-class enterprise of production safety standardization. The company has sound measures for the prevention and control of occupational disease hazards, detection, assessment, monitoring measures and emergency plans for major hazard sources, and equipped with necessary equipment and equipment, workplaces meet the national health standards. The company cooperates with qualified units to evaluate the status quo of occupational health, obtain the evaluation report of occupational disease hazards, and report it to the former Anxin County Administration of production Safety for record and registration. The company carries on the education and training to the staff regularly every year, especially the special operation personnel must obtain the corresponding operation qualification certificate before taking up the post. The company has established a sound employment system, actively pay taxes, and pay social insurance for employees.

The company has been operating in accordance with the advanced international management model, and in June 2019 obtained the environmental and quality management system certification certificate issued by Beijing CUHK Huayuan Certification Center. Company leaders attach great importance to quality management system work, regular quality management training for employees, improve staff awareness of quality, standardize quality management. At present, the company's production in accordance with the quality management system to formulate the control procedures solid implementation, through the internal audit analysis, the quality system operation effect is better. Through the sampling inspection of the quality inspection department, the inspection results meet the requirements of the relevant quality standards of the products put forward by the user enterprises.

The covenant of Songhe prevails for thousands of miles

Songhe shares is a strength not to be underestimated to help the "lead" army, but also a practitioner of environmental protection. A few days ago, departments at all levels are paying close attention to environmental protection and actively banning disorderly enterprises. As a member of the non-ferrous metals industry, Songhe shares will certainly work with enterprises in the same industry, strictly implement the requirements of departments at all levels, actively participate in the implementation of the extended producer responsibility system, do a good job in the environmental protection of enterprises, respond to President Xi's call for both Jinshan Silver Mountain and Green Water and Green Mountain, and make their own contributions to the construction of beautiful and beautiful.

Songhe-for the development of the "lead" industry; the practice of environmental protection. Songhe again, graciously invited you to become a member of the "lead" gentleman, for the renewable lead battery industry has been a strong team, conspired with the lead industry.

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