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[focus] Chinalco Luoyang copper processing and your "copper" cast car world in the future!
Jul 24,2019 15:37CST
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With the leap of time, China has become an emerging auto power, 2018 China car sales data ranked first in the world, is the world's largest producer and consumer market. However, under the promotion of green travel, the automobile industry has gradually practiced the road of environmental protection and carried out industrial upgrading. In order to increase the reform and innovation in the automotive field in terms of materials, energy and technology, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineering and the Shanghai Nonferrous Network will jointly hold the "China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-2019 China Automobile New Materials Application Summit Forum" in Shanghai from September 19 to 20, 2019. in order to increase the reform and innovation in the automobile field, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society and the Shanghai Nonferrous Network focus on the development direction of the industry. At that time, in the car-making technology, the use of new materials, quality manufacturing and other aspects, have carried out in-depth discussion and provide solutions for the creation of advanced green new energy vehicle industry cluster.

Copper processing products have been widely used in the automotive field in recent years, as an indispensable new material, as a large domestic copper processing enterprise-Chinalco Luoyang copper processing, the summit forum is highly concerned about and fully support, in material innovation to provide excellence of copper processing products, in order to promote automotive green intelligent manufacturing "copper" efforts to create the future!

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Luoyang Copper processing-Zhi "Copper" Dao he

Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, known as "Millennium Emperor Capital, Peony City". Founded in 1954, the company is one of the 156 key projects built during the first five-year Plan period in China. The company is developing in the course of continuous innovation, has a national enterprise technology center and a national testing center, has undertaken a number of national key construction projects and national defense industry projects, and has trained a large number of copper processing talents, which has been carefully built for more than 60 years. It has become the most influential comprehensive non-ferrous processing material production enterprise in China. Luoyang copper processing mainly produces and manages copper and copper alloy plate, strip, foil, tube, rod, type, aluminum-magnesium plate and strip, with an annual production capacity of 170000 tons. Products are widely used, covering new energy, electronics, transportation, construction, communications, power, aerospace, metallurgical machinery and other fields, sold to domestic and foreign markets.

Automotive copper processing materials is one of the key application directions of our products. In recent years, we have focused on the research and development and production of automotive copper processing materials, forming a series of new automotive materials, such as high strength and high conductivity dispersion copper alloy, high purity and high conductivity C10100, high strength and medium conductivity white copper alloy C70250, medium strength and high conductivity alloy C14415, etched high copper alloy C19400, high strength and high elongation alloy H96 and other alloy series. Among them, the C194 strip won the first prize of science and technology in China's machinery industry, and the dispersed copper rod for automobile electrode won the second prize of science and technology in China's non-ferrous metal industry. Now it has formed a series of automotive connectors, such as Valeo system, Italian speed system and so on.

Copper alloy strip and etched frame tape

Copper bars and products

Walk into Luo Copper and cast "Copper" Heart

Luoyang copper processing 100, 000 tons of high-precision electronic copper strip production line began to put into production in 2009. The main equipment mainly includes two melting furnaces, one hot rolling mill and double-sided milling, two four-high blooming mills, three finishing mills (4 high, 6 high, 20 high), four air cushion furnaces and finishing packing machines, several bell annealing furnaces, etc., imported from Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, the equipment has reached the international advanced level.

Pass-through annealing furnace

Vertical oxygen-free copper furnace

Copper alloy strip in production

Technical Research and Development and quality Assurance

Product world

Luoyang copper processing to establish the core values of responsibility, integrity, openness, excellence, adhere to the spirit of enterprise. It is precisely because Luoyang copper processing a continuous improvement of the "copper" heart, committed to the copper processing industry, can be in the industry in many ways applauded and widely praised.

Into the aluminum Luoyang, into the copper processing.

Here, Luoyang copper processing invites you to work together with the "copper" cast car world of the future!

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"China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-2019 China Automobile New Materials Application Summit Forum"

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