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BYD has more than 600000 new energy vehicles, how will the new Song pro break down?
Jul 24,2019 14:19CST
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SMM News: since its inception, BYD New Energy vehicle has become the number one new energy vehicle sales company in the world for many years, has won 600000 + sales, facts have proved that it has become a leader in the industry.

On July 11, BYD New Energy Dynasty family a new generation of Song Pro models on the market, the new car provides fuel / DM dual-mode hybrid / pure electric a total of three power forms, a total of 12 models, the price range of 8.98-219800 yuan, once again set off a new rush to buy. In fact, many people will still have this question, why BYD can rise in the field of new energy vehicles?

By strength?

China's new energy market has grown rapidly in recent years, from less than 10, 000 in 2009 to 1.256 million in 2018, ranking first in the world. In 2018, BYD's new energy vehicle sales rose more than 90 per cent from a year earlier to 247811. Today, BYD's products have been exported to more than 50 countries and more than 300 cities around the world.

Along the way, BYD, no matter how difficult the road, has never given up on the pursuit of new energy.

With technology?

If you want to buy an electric car, you must look at the three magic weapons, that is, electric drive + battery + electronic control system.

These three magic weapons determine the texture of the car and determine the driving experience of the vehicle. Just as when you choose a computer, you pay attention to the CPU, of the computer and the CPU of the electric car is the IGBT module. In this IGBT module, BYD has studied it for many years and invested huge human, material and financial resources. BYD's research in this area has finally broken the foreign monopoly in the past few years. BYD last year introduced the independently developed IGBT 4.0 products to the market and applied it to BYD Tang Pure Electric vehicle in 2018, which is admirable.

By product?

Since the debut of the BYD family's "dynasty" series, almost all of them have become popular.

Take the newly listed BYD Song pro as an example, the car is positioned at 100000 yuan A + SUV. It uses the Dragon Face 2.0 design style for the first time, the oriental dragon element + the western streamline beauty makes people look fashionable and interesting. The whole car carries more than 400 LED light sources, the body size is 4650 × 1860 × 1700 mm, the wheelbase reaches the same class leading 2712 mm, the internal space is far more than the same class.

In the interior, it also uses a large number of soft materials to wrap. The bright spot in the intelligence aspect is the DiLink 2.0 intelligent network connection system, 4 million + APP download casually, also includes 12.8in 8-core adaptive rotating levitation Pad, intelligent voice interaction system and other technology configuration.

I have to mention that this time BYD Song pro sent three forces together, almost satisfied everyone's preference! Three models of fuel, plug-in and pure electricity are provided, which are subdivided into many fields.

First of all, the fuel version adopts the national six standards, with a 1.5T in-line four-cylinder direct injection engine with a maximum power of 160 horsepower and a peak torque of 245 Niu. Rice. Secondly, the battery capacity of the hybrid version is 15.7kmh and the battery life is 81kmm. the maximum power of the two power options is 323h. the maximum power is 437hh. the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 6.5s, and the maximum power is 323h. the maximum power is 437hh. the maximum power is 323h. the maximum power is 437hh. the acceleration time is 6.5s.

The pure electric version is equally excellent, Song pro EV provides high and low power versions, high power version and high power high continuation version are equipped with a front bridge AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power is 163hp and 184hp, and the peak torque is 280Nm.

At the same time, they carry batteries with the capacity of 59.1kWh and 71kWh respectively, the corresponding NEDC range is 405km and 502km, and the acceleration time of both 0-50km/h is 4.3s. In terms of charging time, it takes 1 hour and 1.2 hours for the charge to be filled in the fast charging mode of the high-power charging pile, respectively, while it takes only half an hour for the charge to be charged from 30% to 80%.

It is worth mentioning that the Song Pro new energy model also carries the same class unique L2 Plus intelligent driving assistance technology. Among them, ACC-S&G full-speed adaptive cruise system, BSD blind spot monitoring system, LDWS lane deviation early warning system and other common L2 functions, more holographic transparent image system, cloud service APP intelligent remote control driving and other "cool techs".

Generally speaking, since the launch of the dynasty series of Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan and other car systems, BYD Legion has attracted a lot of attention in the consumer market; and Dynasty series models with high appearance, high performance-to-price ratio, new energy core technology and other advantages, has gradually become the mainstay of the BYD family. The brand-new BYD Song pro formally inherited the various advantages of the dynasty series and launched a new round of sprint to the A + SUV market.

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