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Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (7.15 to 7.19) the price of Electrolytic Manganese has fallen slightly and the market has continued to run weakly and steadily.
Jul 19,2019 18:35CST
The price of electrolytic manganese fell slightly and the market showed weak and stable operation.
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This week, the domestic electrolytic manganese market continued to operate weakly and steadily. As of Friday, the spot price in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle in China was slightly lower than last week, with the southern region mostly around 13000 yuan per ton (cash factory). Among them, there are a few small manufacturers who will negotiate a price of less than 13000 yuan per ton.

On the market side, the overall atmosphere of the electrolytic manganese market at the beginning of this week is calmer, and the transaction price has not changed much compared with last week, but the actual transaction in the factory is flat, so the market people are constantly warming up their bearish attitude towards the later stage of the market. Some manufacturers in the manganese triangle region are still mainly to sign contracts with fixed customers and execute the promissory notes, the price of which is said to be around 12800 yuan / ton, and there is no lack of lower negotiations. Guangxi continues to have large northern factories to support high prices this week, according to the industry said that this week in the southern region of the harvest of at least 1300 tons, spot ex-factory prices are mostly in the 13100 to 13200 yuan / ton, so Guangxi this week electrolytic manganese market price is stable as a whole.

As of Friday, traders in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the electrolytic manganese market reflected that the current negotiated transaction price, including tax, was concentrated at about 13400 yuan per ton.

On the export side, exporters said that the transaction price this week was around US $1935 / ton, down US $15 / ton from last week, although the exporter's psychological transaction price was between US $1950 and US $1960 / tonn. however, in the case of a small number of enquiries, the price will be slightly reduced to a low price.

In terms of factory production, except for the manganese plants in Guizhou and Hubei, which were shut down and overhauled in July, the manganese plants in other areas started production normally, so the domestic electrolytic manganese production will decline in July. At present, Chongqing is the area covered by the environmental protection, the specific environmental protection inspection is still the current market concern.

Finally, the comprehensive market analysis predicts that the short-term electrolytic manganese market price will be stable and weak, but we still need to wait and see the actual supply and demand situation in the future.

Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese

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