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Weekly Review of selenium Market (7.15-7.19) the price of selenium powder is relatively strong, whereas the price of selenium powder decreases slightly.
Jul 19,2019 17:55CST
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This week, the domestic selenium market price is weak to maintain stability, refined selenium to the weekend has declined; consumption is still no improvement, although the holder mentality is still stable, but the summer market demand is difficult to improve, the market is still difficult to get rid of the downturn.

Today, 99.9% selenium powder of SMM sold for 130 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingots sold for 135 yuan / kg, down 5 yuan / kg from Friday, crude selenium at 88 / 108 yuan / kg and selenium dioxide at 85 / 90 yuan / kg, both unchanged from last Friday.

In terms of selenium powder: foreign media quoted 99.9% selenium powder as of Friday at 8.3 US $10 / lb, the lower limit price was 0.2 US dollars / lb lower than last Friday. It is understood that the recent selenium imports continue to be low, overseas supply is relatively sufficient, but the terminal consumption at home and abroad is very light, the current domestic imports are still in the form of long single. Domestic terminal glass and ceramics encounter a decline in high-temperature production, low willingness to purchase selenium powder, short-term rigid demand is difficult to improve; prices lack of support, to the weekend a small decline.

Selenium: the domestic electrolytic manganese market has been stable for a long time, and the recent selenium dioxide price is stable, individual selenium processing plants are temporarily reduced, affecting the supply of selenium low price supply, the mentality of businesses tends to be stable, but the transaction does not lead to market wait-and-see, in addition, from the crude selenium stock inventory cost, manufacturers price reduction space is limited; and downstream inquiry is mundane, the transaction atmosphere is weak, the price is stable this week.

Crude selenium: this week, crude selenium trading is still light, domestic selenium powder and two selenium manufacturers have part of the pre-inventory, do not rush to purchase. And in the selenium market as a whole weak operation, more emphasis on the wait-and-see mood. The shipping arrangement of domestic copper enterprises still has some time, and the price of crude selenium is stable this week.

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At present, the supply of selenium market is stable, the terminal consumption is not good, the downstream demand is weak, and the market is lack of liquidity. This situation is expected to continue next week.

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