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Crude indium to inhibit the decline of refined indium-SMM indium spot weekly report (2019.07.15 to 2019.07.19)
Jul 19,2019 16:27CST
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SMM, July 19 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

Trading in the indium market remained poor this week, with an overall embarrassment amid difficulties in digesting refined indium and a shortage of crude indium. To the weekend SMM refined indium transaction price of 1100-1140 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week. Foreign media quoted at US $157-175 / kg, the lower limit price increased by US $2 / kg compared with last week, overseas markets are still not moving, it is actually difficult to purchase low-cost sources.

In recent weeks, the negative news of the domestic speculative market and the whereabouts of indium on the Pan-Asian Exchange have become the subject of stories told by speculators, constantly rising, affecting the fluctuation of speculative indium prices, but the spot market is not moved, because crude indium producers in the raw material content is reduced, production is difficult to increase, profitability decline, and other factors, the market can supply crude indium strange goods, but refined indium consumption weak price is low. It is also impossible to raise the price of raw materials, so coarse under mutual restriction, refined indium is relatively stable at present. The intention of the trade middleman to purchase at a low price is also difficult to achieve, of course, the activity of the transaction will be affected.

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Pan-Asia indium auction process has become a foregone conclusion, how to proceed or make the industry greatly concerned, so the market mentality is still fragile, but in the absence of a clear official publicity, the market tone is still weak and stable.

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