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Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (7.8-7.12): the price of increasing production or falling in Ningxia
Jul 12,2019 20:01CST
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This week, the silicon and manganese market is generally stable, the manufacturer quotation has a slight downward trend, Ningxia related areas to resume production has become a foregone conclusion, future supply or improvement.

Prices of silicon and manganese remained the same in the north and south this week, with relatively high prices in the south. The price of silicon and manganese began to lower the upper limit of quotation in the middle of this week, and the upper limit of cash ex-factory price was basically 7600 yuan / ton. Near the weekend, the lower limit of quotation of a small number of northern manufacturers was reduced from 7500 yuan / ton to 7450 yuan / ton, but the low price has not yet become the mainstream price. Although the spot inventory of alloy manufacturers is still scarce, traders have a strong desire to ship goods this week, and the market is active, but the volume is relatively small. Some traders, combined with the recent resumption of production in the north and the south, the estimation of new production capacity in August and the slight weakness in China's macro-economic level, are slightly pessimistic about the imbalance between supply and demand in the medium-and long-term silicon and manganese prices.

Recently, there has been a high degree of concern about the resumption of production in Ningxia. According to SMM, when the environmental acceptance has been completed last week, the relevant areas will be separated from the previous environmental power cut-off, involving a production capacity of about 14000 tons per month, but the actual monthly output needs to be further verified.

Today SMM Inner Mongolia Silicon Manganese 6517 quoted an average of 7775 yuan / ton (accepted ex-factory price), down 25 yuan / ton from last week.

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