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Weekly Review of selenium Market (7.8-7.12) the amount of operation of wait-and-see mentality in selenium market is limited.
Jul 12,2019 17:07CST
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This week, the domestic selenium market consumption is weak, the same supply-side holding mentality is stable, the overall market participation is also obviously depressed, the quotation is flat within the week.

Selenium powder: foreign media quotations up to Friday 99.9% selenium powder quoted at 8.5 US $10 / lb, the average price is the same as last Friday. Although overseas selenium powder prices have hovered around US $8 to US $9 per pound for five months, importers have reported that the selenium powder market has been weak recently, overseas supply is also in excess of demand, and selenium powder consumption is still dominated by long-term single execution, and the latter is in a dilemma. During the summer, the downstream output of domestic terminal glass and ceramics decreased, the purchase of selenium powder decreased, and the transaction improved slightly in order to ensure the moderate opening of the negotiation price of customers. By the end of the week, the transaction price of SMM 99.9% selenium powder was 135 to 160 yuan / kg, and the average price was 5 yuan / kg lower than that of last week.

Two selenium: the domestic electrolytic manganese market has been stable for a long time, and the price of two selenium has stabilized for a long time, so that the purchasing mentality of manganese factory is certain, and the raw material crude selenium of two selenium suppliers is not much cheap, and the holding cost can not be reduced. Therefore, the quotation insists that the market inquiry order is limited, and the price increase atmosphere cannot be achieved. Therefore, the transaction price of selenium dioxide is unchanged at 85 to 90 yuan / kg during the week.

Crude selenium: overseas crude selenium transactions are good some time ago, domestic selenium powder and some selenium producers have been kept, the willingness to purchase within the week is not enough, and the intention of domestic copper enterprises to ship is not clear, so there is little movement in crude selenium trading within the week, the price is still stable at 88-108 yuan / kg.

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Summer break import and export is still dominated by long single execution, short single trading is relatively light, selenium powder is still in a weak and stable. Electrolytic manganese consumption has a weak performance, the second selenium transaction is expected to be difficult to enlarge, the price will remain stable next week. Copper enterprises crude selenium brewing willingness to ship, of course, but also need to see whether the price negotiations are acceptable, it is estimated that the fluctuation is limited.

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