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Weekly Review of selenium Market (7.1-7.5) selenium market supply and demand is not strong market is stable
Jul 5,2019 17:44CST
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This week, the domestic selenium market continues to be stable, manufacturers basically maintain normal production, downstream consumption is not exuberant, prices are stable, there are no signs of loosening.

Today, 99.9% selenium powder of SMM sold for 140 RMB 165 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot sold for 145 RMB 170 RMB / kg, crude selenium sold for 88 RMB 108 RMB / kg, and selenium dioxide traded for 85 RMB 90 RMB / kg, which was the same as last Friday.

In foreign media, 99.9% selenium powder was quoted at $8.5 to $10 a pound as of Friday, down from a high of $0.50 a pound on Friday. It is time for the summer break, overseas market consumption is still light, high price transactions have become weaker.

Generally speaking, the domestic selenium powder transaction is dull, although the inside and outside hang upside down, the importer cost factor quotation insists, but the downstream is also difficult to accept, at present the two sides stalemate stage.

In terms of selenium dioxide, the overall supply is stable, and some processing households have a small supply due to production difficulties; the supply of goods from manufacturers is stable, and the downstream on-demand procurement is in the market, and the transaction is still kept near the average price of the non-ferrous network.

In terms of crude selenium, in addition to a small amount of downstream stock, the overall trading volume this week is less; the quotation of large factories is strong, the willingness of small and medium-sized brands to ship is strong, but the purchase of selenium is not clear under the direction of the purchase is still more hesitant.

"check out the historical price of exclusive selenium in SMM

SMM believes that as we officially enter the summer break, the situation of weakening consumption at home and abroad is difficult to change, and the selenium market is expected to change next week.

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