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Review on the spot Trading Day of scrap Copper on July 3
Jul 3,2019 17:39CST
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SMM, July 3 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

Today, the Shanghai copper main 1908 contract opened at 47400 yuan / ton early, Shanghai copper fell continuously, falling to 46300 yuan / ton line. Today, Shanghai electrolytic copper spot to the current month's contract water 60 yuan / ton ~ 130 yuan / ton water. Copper futures plummeted, attracting traders to enter the market, positive inquiry atmosphere, holders to maintain a strong desire to carry water, early market holders quoted water 60 to 110 yuan / ton, flat copper low price transaction is OK, good copper difficult to have pressure space, high price up to 120 yuan / ton, transactions have been significantly improved, traders to enhance their willingness to collect goods difficult to depress the price; The lower reaches of the low replenishment also improved, wet copper quotation increased to 20 yuan / ton ~ flat water. Good copper still shows the characteristics of low price rise, the current holder will continue to rise the price of the trading pattern.

Guangdong No. 1 bright copper quoted price of 42400 yuan / ton ~ 42700 yuan / ton, down 200 yuan / ton compared with yesterday; today's refined waste price difference of 1144 yuan / ton. Copper futures fell continuously, scrap copper prices fell with the trend, this week Shanghai copper cumulative decline of more than 1000 yuan, especially now in the copper market demand light market, downstream have chosen to wait and see, the market trading volume is more limited. However, due to the lack of imported resources to supplement, domestic scrap copper manufacturers to further increase the shipowner's reluctance to sell mentality, the asking price is firm.

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