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2019 China's renewable lead industry lead ingots "excellent enterprises" selection activities officially launched to vote as soon as possible!
Jul 3,2019 09:30CST
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SMM7, March 3: 2019, environmental protection supervision not only did not relax but intensified, domestic renewable lead enterprises are also washed out of lead, non-compliant enterprises were strictly eliminated, leaving the strength of elite enterprises. The pattern of the whole recycled lead industry has changed greatly, and it is becoming more and more healthy and healthy.

To further promote the sustained, healthy and harmonious development of the recycled lead industry, select a number of excellent recycled lead production enterprises, improve core competition and accelerate the development of the industry, SMM led and organized and sponsored the "China recycled lead 2019" excellent Enterprise selection activity, through the selection and voting of the national renewable lead enterprises, mining, recommending and commending the excellent recycled lead enterprises.

The activity adheres to the concept of "fair, just, open", by the majority of member enterprises, trade associations of the whole process supervision, to ensure that every vote is effective, real, never fake.

If you are a recycled lead enterprise, you can carry forward bravely and bravely;

If you are a general public, with one vote to help the business do not have the right or wrong, take a clear view of the small mountains around you.

20119, China recycled lead 2019 "Outstanding Enterprises" selection activities

Mutual benefit and common encouragement to look forward to the future!

I. scope of selection

Recycled lead production enterprises, and meet the following three conditions at the same time:

1. Established in accordance with the law for more than 2 years (including 2 years)

2. Registration of enterprises in China

3. No bad record

II. Selection criteria

1. Enterprise size (registered capital, production capacity, output, income, tax, brand impact)

2. Enterprise management (enterprise certification, R & D innovation, product system, environmental system)

3. Holding a permit for integrated operation of hazardous waste issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection

4. Social contribution (poverty alleviation donation, credit status)

III. Information provided by the enterprises participating in the evaluation

1. Enterprise self-evaluation report (less than 2000 words, including but not limited to 13 items in the Table of Evaluation Index system);

2. Copies of business license and tax registration certificate;

3. Tax payment vouchers and audit statements for the fiscal year 2018;

4. The proof material of the selection index and so on.

IV. Notes on participation in Evaluation

1. The enterprise applies voluntarily, and the selection period is 3 months;

2. No fee will be charged for this selection process;

3. The evaluated high-quality brand enterprises shall be publicized in Shanghai Nonferrous Network for 15 days and shall be subject to social supervision;

4. During the evaluation period and the publicity period, if the enterprise is found to have provided false information, it shall be disqualified from participating in the evaluation.

5. Award date: August 22-23, 2019 China Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit

V. active timeline

Enterprise registration + enterprise data collection and audit 2019.6.10 to 2018.6.30

Network voting + accounting enterprise objective score 7.1 to 7.15

Organizers score 7.15 to 8.1

The main venue of the China Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit-August

VI. Details of selection

Part I: table of participation system (70% weight)

1. The data of the evaluation system, based on the 2018 enterprise indicators, is composed of 10 indicators of enterprise scale, enterprise management and social contribution (see table). The weight of 10 indexes is added to the total score, and the highest value of each index is the highest score of weight.

Part II: corporate voting (30% weight)

2. As the government pays more and more attention to the Internet, the industrial Internet has also become another new market channel for traditional industries, so this election will open online voting at the same time, and the online voting will be given the corresponding score according to the total number of votes obtained by the enterprise.

3. Scoring rules:

Total score = score of enterprise information scoring system * 70% + (valid votes / total votes * 100) * 30%

Click to view detailed scoring rules

Activity contact: Cao Juanjuan 13564728530 caojuanjuan@ly10000.com

Vote courier, please select

1. Download "Palm Colored app" and log on to your account to pay attention to this activity!

A. Scan code download palm colored APP

B. Enter the discovery channel

C. Select the voting item

d. Participate in voting

2. WeChat Mini Program "Nonferrous Market" pays attention to this activity!

a. WeChat-Discovery-Mini Programs-search for Nonferrous Market

b. Colored market-vote

3. Click on "2019 China Regenerative lead 2019" Outstanding Enterprise "vote"

Tip: as of July 15, 2019, 18:00

Come and deliver your precious vote.

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