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The profit situation of the steel mill is improved, and the thread performance is at the top of the list.
Jul 2,2019 19:00CST
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Recently, the current price performance of the screw period is relatively strong, the price of the screw rose to 4148 yuan / ton this week, and the national average price rose to 4135.1 yuan / ton (up 215.7 yuan / ton) from the lowest point in late June. Although it fell back today, it is 187.6 yuan / ton higher than the low of 3919.4 yuan / ton in late June. Although the cost has risen somewhat (as of today, the rebar cost of the long process steel plant is 3684 yuan / ton, up 89 yuan / ton from the average cost of 3595 yuan / ton in June), but because the increase is not as good as the increase in steel prices, coupled with some steel mills still use the iron ore inventory resources in the early stage, it is obvious that the improvement of profits caused by the rise in steel prices is more significant. In addition, according to SMM research, at present, the common steel varieties, thread profit is still in the first place. According to the statistics of SMM data model, as of July 2, the thread profit of long process steel plant is 326yuan / ton, and the profit of hot rolling is 201yuan / ton.

In this case, the willingness of long process steel plant to actively reduce the production of rebar is weak. In terms of short process, the regional difference of steel mill profit is still large. According to the investigation, with the rise of steel prices, some of the electric arc furnace steel mills in East China have signs of resuming production in the early stage, while in South China, due to the serious inverted hanging in the early stage, some steel enterprises are still on the edge of profit and loss even after the price rise, and the phenomenon of production reduction still exists.

The specific research situation is as follows:

[long process Steel Plant]

Steel mill A (East China): at present, the gross profit of thread is about 600 yuan / ton (400 to 500 yuan / ton in the middle of the month), and the medium and heavy plate is about 300 yuan / ton. There is no maintenance plan at present in July.

Steel mill B (Central China): at present, no matter from the downstream demand or from the profit point of view, the thread is in the first place, the current gross profit is 200 yuan / ton.

Steel mill C (southwest): the net profit of steel mill thread is 400 to 500 yuan / ton. Although the mining price has risen, the overall profit situation has improved.

Steel mill D (northeast): now thread net profit is still the highest, but wire rod, coil profit has been very thin. There is no maintenance plan for the time being.

Steel Plant E (Hebei): the price has risen by nearly 400 yuan / ton since late June. At present, the thread profit is about 300 yuan / ton, which belongs to the highest profit in Pangang.

[arc furnace steel works]

Steel mill F (East China): in early June, it started 22 hours a day, and after entering the state of loss in the middle and late days, its production was reduced to 16 hours. At present, with the increase in steel prices, the profit is nearly 100, and it starts 22 hours a day a few days ago.

Steel mill G (South China): the price rise in the past two days has improved, but it is not ideal. The current cost is 3700, and now the operating rate is about 50%. According to today's spot prices, it is on the verge of profit and loss.

Steel mill H (South China): not very optimistic about the future price, so the current start-up rate of 50 per cent (100 per cent at the beginning of the month), the current cost of 3900 yuan / ton.

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