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The Prospect of Today's Financial data:
Jul 1,2019 00:19CST
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SMM7, January 1: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend the 13th Summer Davos Forum from July 1 to 2. (Richard Clarida), vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, Lynn (Philip Lane), European Central Bank Commission and governor of the Bank of Ireland, (Olli Rehn), and Yi Gang, governor of the people's Bank of China.

In terms of data, the Caixin China Manufacturing Purchasing managers Index (PMI) is a leading indicator of economic health, above 50 indicating that the manufacturing sector is expanding in favor of the Australian dollar. On the contrary, less than 50 indicates that China's manufacturing sector has shrunk, which is bad for the Australian dollar.

The monthly rate of actual retail sales in Germany in May (%) was a leading indicator of consumer spending, which was the main component of overall economic activity. Retail sales increased, positive for the euro.

Germany's unemployment rate (%) after the June quarter adjustment, the unemployment rate is one of the most important economic indicators, deeply affected by the supply and demand of the labor market and the economic cycle, the unemployment rate also reflects the operation of the economy. Although seen as a lagging indicator, the unemployed are an important indicator of overall economic health, as consumer spending is highly correlated with job market conditions.

The PMI final value of German Markit manufacturing industry in June is one of the internationally popular macroeconomic monitoring index systems, which plays an important role in the monitoring and forecasting of national economic activities, covering the fields of production and circulation, manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries. Due to the adoption of rapid and simple survey methods, the lag is relatively short, comprehensive and instructive. The published value is greater than the forecast = positive for the euro

The final value of Markit manufacturing PMI in the United States in June is a leading indicator of the state of the economy, as companies are able to respond quickly to the market environment. By observing the changes in such data, foreign exchange investors judge the outlook for the US economy, which in turn affects the trend of the foreign exchange market.

ISM manufacturing PMI in the United States in June is a leading indicator of whether the economy is healthy or not. Businesses can respond quickly to market conditions. Purchasing managers' views on the economic situation of their companies are perhaps the most timely and relevant.

Today's important financial data:


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