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Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (6.24 to 6.28)
Jun 28,2019 18:18CST
Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese (6.24 to 6.28) domestic Electrolytic Manganese Market Price is stable, but the transaction is flat
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This week, the overall stability of the domestic electrolytic manganese market is weak. Up to Friday, the spot price in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle in China remained around 13100 to 13300 yuan / ton (cash ex-factory), the average price was unchanged from Friday. From the market to Friday, most manufacturers are mainly to accept orders, of which a small number of manufacturers trading prices are on the low side, the operators said that a small number of low transactions are mainly due to a small number of businesses in the market near the end of the month, the relationship between capital repayment pressure increases, in the negotiated transaction price there will be a small profit of 50 to 100 yuan / ton, but on the whole, the phenomenon of small profit is limited to the market. Manufacturers supply, the whole week comprehensive look at the majority of manufacturers spot circulation is still not much, short-term prices will be supported, although there are rumors earlier this week that the northern factory receipt rhythm is delayed, but in the middle of the week there is a large factory in the market inquiry to receive goods, most operators believe that there will be a supporting role in the electrolytic manganese market price, the industry expects the short-term electrolytic manganese price will not fluctuate much, the mentality is stable. On the production side, a new production line opened by a Chongqing manganese plant in Yunnan is expected to go into production in mid-June, but it was learned at the beginning of the week that production had been delayed at the end of June, with an average daily mass production of about 50 tons at the initial stage of production. In addition, a manganese factory in Sichuan said it was shutting down production in recent days, and the specific resumption of production is expected to wait until the middle of July. Therefore, the production increase and shutdown of manufacturers in different regions of the market will affect the production of electrolytic manganese in June and July.

Weekly Review of Electrolytic Manganese

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