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Fang Da Special Steel has been granted three more patents for utility models
Jun 24,2019 14:40CST
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SMM News: recently, Fangda Special Steel received three patent certificates for utility models, such as "centralized bucket gate for blast furnace feeding", "cold bed insulation device of rolling mill", "cantilever roll sleeve of steel rolling reheating furnace" issued by the State intellectual property Office. Up to now, the total number of patents of Fangda Special Steel has reached 176.

It is understood that the charging of the ironmaking blast furnace is transported to the centralized bucket through the weighing bucket through the belt, and then transported to the blast furnace by the loading truck, and the normal switch of the centralized bucket gate is an important basis for ensuring the production of the blast furnace. However, the original centralized bucket gate is installed on the frame through the transmission shaft. Due to the limitation of the pit space, the gate can only be opened downward and moves in a fan shape along the transmission shaft. When the centralized bucket gate is filled with raw materials, due to the increase of friction coefficient, the gate can not be opened normally, thus affecting the normal operation of the blast furnace. For this reason, the staff of ironmaking plant have developed a kind of centralized bucket gate for charging blast furnace. The device drives the bucket gate to make a circular fan movement through the oil cylinder, which can avoid the clogging of the centralized bucket gate and ensure the normal operation of the blast furnace.

The patent of "cold bed insulation device in rolling mill" is the research and development of steel rolling plant staff. Due to the product performance and process requirements, the rolled piece must be kept warm and controlled on the cold bed to avoid the decline of performance caused by rapid cooling. However, there is no device or equipment above the cold bed body to cover, pure natural air cooling, resulting in the cooling rate and range of rolling pieces are not controlled, the hardness of the product and other properties can not be effectively guaranteed. Although the temperature control is carried out by means of rolling line cooling, speed reduction, adding heat preservation asbestos under straightening plate and rack, the effect is not great, which not only affects the production rhythm and output, but also increases the mill load and labor intensity. And it is not suitable for some steel grades and specifications with high hardness. For this reason, they have developed a cold bed thermal insulation device, which is installed on the top of the main transmission assembly mechanism of the cold bed to realize the corresponding degree of heat preservation and control cooling on the cold bed, so as to avoid the problem of performance decline caused by rapid cooling of rolled pieces, so that the cooling speed and range of rolled pieces can be controlled, the performance of products can be effectively guaranteed, and the labor intensity of workers can be greatly reduced at the same time.

The patent of "cantilever roll sleeve of steel rolling reheating furnace" is developed by the staff of Jian'an Company. The purpose is to provide a kind of cantilever roll sleeve of steel rolling reheating furnace with simple structure and long service life. Because there is an axial external expansion gap on the flange of the roll sleeve body and an inward expansion gap on the inner wall of the cantilever end of the roll sleeve body, when the cantilever roll sleeve passes through the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the high temperature and low temperature time, the outer expansion gap and the internal expansion gap cushion the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage stress produced by the roll sleeve body, which can avoid the cracks in the roll sleeve body, so as to improve the service life of the roll sleeve body.

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