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[SMM Analysis] the first batch of applications for imported waste aluminum in July was only 5.43 tons.
Jun 21,2019 19:47CST
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According to data from yesterday's solid waste Chemicals Management Network, the first batch of applications for imported waste aluminum in July was only 5.43 tons, including 16 enterprises, all of which were Zhejiang enterprises. The specific data are as follows:

First of all, the above data are the number of applications, and after approval, the actual number of approvals will be reduced, as to how much the reduction is not official. In addition, the batch list only contains Zhejiang recycled aluminum enterprises, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other large quantities of imported waste aluminum recycled aluminum enterprises are not involved, such as Yiqiu resources, Zhaoqing Dazheng Aluminum, Nandu recycled aluminum industry and other imported waste aluminum can be ranked in the top 10 domestic enterprises have not appeared, it should appear in the list of subsequent batches.

With reference to the frequency of batches of restricted waste aluminum lists in previous years, the next batch appears in an average of about 15 days, coupled with the examination and approval time of about one week, the actual next examination and approval list may appear from 10 to 20 July, which will cause problems in the customs declaration of imported waste aluminum in early July, resulting in an increase in the cost of imported waste aluminum due to being stranded in the customs location. In general, the waste aluminum inventory of recycled aluminum enterprises using imported waste aluminum is larger, so the short-term impact on production is not great, more is a small increase in cost.

In view of the use of imported waste aluminum, the irreplaceable part mainly comes from the export part of the processing trade, so if the approval of imported waste aluminum is greatly reduced in July, on the one hand, the export volume of ADC12 will be reduced, and its processing fees will be increased; on the other hand, the demand for overseas waste aluminum will be reduced, and the price will be reduced, and the profit of export orders will be increased. Because the domestic market can be replaced by domestic waste aluminum, more is the increase in cost, coupled with the weakening of domestic demand, there will be no shortage of waste aluminum supply.

Finally, taking into account the impact of the decline in the price of imported waste aluminum, which may lead to a decrease in the ratio of foreign / domestic recycled aluminum, it is also possible to import recycled aluminum.

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