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Weekly review of selenium market (6.17 to 6.21): the trading situation in selenium market is flat and the price is basically stable.
Jun 21,2019 15:51CST
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The transaction situation of the selenium market this week is calm, the change is not big, the demand performance also continues to wait and see, does not have the too big change. By Friday, foreign media selenium powder was quoted at US $8.5 to US $10.5 per pound, with the high end and low end unchanged from last week. Overseas prices continue to stabilize confidence in the domestic selenium powder market. By Friday, the price of selenium powder in China was 140 to 165 yuan / kg, unchanged from last week.

In terms of selenium, prices remained stable this week, reaching 85 to 90 yuan / kg on Friday, unchanged from Friday. Recently, the market price of electrolytic manganese in the lower reaches of selenium has maintained a steady trend, and the supply and demand situation of electrolytic manganese is not expected to change in the short term. As a raw material, the selenium market is still stable in the future. Although from the transaction situation, the recent volume of electrolytic manganese manufacturers is not large, and the pressure on the price is also greater, the market transaction price is also gradually biased to the low price range. However, including the gradual depletion of low-cost resources and raw materials and other aspects of the smooth support of the supply side high prices.

In terms of crude selenium, consistent with the performance of the second selenium market, selenium producers are still normal replenishment of crude selenium production on Tuesday, due to the relatively dull second selenium market, the trading activity of crude selenium is slightly weaker, although the willingness of copper enterprises to ship crude selenium is not strong, but some brands still appear some low price transaction list, good brand high quality source price is still strong. By Friday, the price was 95 to 108 yuan / kg, down 1.5 yuan / kg from Friday.

Forecast next week: it is expected that the selenium market will continue to stick next week, smoothly exploring the possibility of up and down.

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