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Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (6.17 to 6.21): steel prices point directly to the high level before the move
Jun 21,2019 15:40CST
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This week, the silicon and manganese market continued to rise in June prices, in no spot, will be overhauled, or limited power under the multi-angle good, silicon and manganese prices all the way singing.

On the demand side, due to the impact of local debt policy on the infrastructure market and macro factors, steel demand is expected to remain high in the coming July and is likely to increase from the previous month. Therefore, the strong demand downstream has a boost to the thread and upstream silicon and manganese, and the market is generally expected to maintain a relatively high demand for steel recruitment in July.

On the supply side, there is a power limit of 1 million load in some areas in Inner Mongolia this week. Manufacturers will make corresponding power arrangements according to the arrangements, and the future market may once again slightly affect the supply capacity of silicon and manganese. Individual mining heaters in the north are also scheduled to be overhauled this weekend and early July. According to manufacturers, the maintenance time ranges from 20 to 45 days, and the northern supply of silicon and manganese in July will be under certain pressure. Coupled with the continued shortage of silicon and manganese spot market since May, although some manufacturers have plans to increase the start of the market, but the short-term spot market tight market is difficult to change, traders recently find goods to replenish the pressure.

In this context, manufacturers have predicted that the price of steel recruitment to be launched next week, mainly focused on 7700 to 7800 yuan / ton, that the price range is more rational, but also that the price may be directed at 8000 yuan / ton, but this price can only be achieved when the demand for steel continues to increase substantially.

Today SMM Inner Mongolia Silicon Manganese 6517 quoted an average of 7625 yuan / ton (accepted ex-factory price), up 125 yuan / ton from last week.

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