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Domestic Indium Price tends to stabilize and wait and see-SMM Indium spot Weekly report (2019.06.17 to 2019.06.21)
Jun 21,2019 15:41CST
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SMM, June 21 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

This week's domestic indium price compared with last week, the trading volume has not changed significantly, the market mentality has stabilized, businesses began to wait and see. The domestic speculative market is not as active as last week, price support is weak, enterprises more rational and objective view of spot trading.

Today, the transaction price of SMM refined indium is 1100 to 1140 yuan / kg, up 40 yuan / kg from last week, while the transaction price of SMM crude indium is 1020 to 1060 yuan / kg, up 50 yuan / kg from last week.

On the basis of last week's tentative price rise, this week the holder mentality gradually stabilized, the quotation is strong; the circulation merchant takes the goods back to back, the downstream user buys a small amount. Overall, this week's market sentiment is more calm and rational than last week, in the market quotations and transaction prices have been substantially higher than at the beginning of the month, buyers have become more cautious; at the same time, the confidence of holders has also increased. Early market rumors will be auctioned off the matter is not clear action, so that business tension can be suspended, more confident. The current market situation has entered a short glue stage in which both buyers and sellers are waiting for the trend to become clearer.

As the price of refined indium rises steadily, the price of crude indium also rises obviously, and the supply situation of crude indium is more tense than that of refined indium. On the export side, foreign media quotations remained unchanged this week, at US $155 to US $175 / kg, and the overseas terminal consumer market remained flat. With the arrival of the summer off season, industry insiders expect shipments will continue to be light.

It is expected that the domestic indium market will continue this wait-and-see situation next week, the current price can be stable and can be further promoted, will depend on the true downstream users of the transaction and acceptance.

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