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Zhangjiagang White Bear Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit in 2019
Jun 20,2019 17:38CST
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SMM6, 20 March: in the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's lead smelting industry and the substantial increase in lead demand, China has become a global producer and consumer of refined lead. However, the contradiction is also prominent in the lead industry. With the continuous downward movement of lead prices, the regeneration rate of lead resources is seriously low, especially the concentration of new expansion capacity from 2018 to 2020. At the same time, many policies such as "Action Plan for pollution Prevention and Control of waste lead Battery" and "Technical Specification for recovery of waste lead-acid Battery" have been announced, so as to improve the comprehensive recovery and utilization efficiency of renewable lead resources and promote the optimization and upgrading of renewable lead industry. It is not only the need of the long-term development of China's lead industry, but also the need of building a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" society.

The waste lead battery is the main raw material of renewable lead, the lead battery industry is also faced with a number of policies, such as "Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle", "interim measures for the Administration of Recycling and Utilization of New Energy vehicle Power Battery", coupled with the issuance of 5G license, vehicle output is negative for the first time. 2019 lead battery industry trend under the dual stimulus of policy and consumption, how will the situation change? At the same time of implementing the "extended producer responsibility system", lead battery enterprises are involved in waste lead battery recovery, recycled lead smelting and other sectors. Does the cross-field operation of lead battery enterprises bring new profit growth points?

In the severe situation of domestic environmental protection, the supply and demand pattern of lead market has changed. What kind of opportunities and challenges will the renewable lead and lead battery industry face in 2019? In view of the above problems and challenges, the "2019 (Ninth) Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" sponsored by SMM on August 22-23, 2019, to discuss the current situation of the industry, but also some industry bigwigs and professionals to unlock the development bottleneck for enterprises, provide new ideas, and jointly explore the future development. Zhangjiagang White Xiong Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd. is the equipment giant in the industry, providing advanced equipment support for countless recycled lead enterprises and lead battery enterprises. It also continues to open up new technologies and new fields to make its own efforts to reduce pollution and protect the environment. This time is to co-sponsor the way to dress up to attend, to facilitate the smooth progress of the summit.

Zhangjiagang White Bear Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiagang White Xiong Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established in 1998 by Jiangsu Provincial Group-Bai Xiong Group and Hong Kong Kemei Enterprise (China) Corporation. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company has a good business environment and high-quality professionals, in the existing more than 100 employees, college education staff accounted for 40% of the total staff, there are more than 10 R & D team, has established Suzhou Engineering and Technology Research Center, Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Province graduate work station, with Wuhan University of Technology, Suzhou University to establish a long-term industry-university-research cooperation, joint development of a number of scientific research projects. And the company has independent intellectual property rights and high-tech product development capabilities, with a number of invention and utility model patents, product quality is controlled by the ISO9001-2008 quality management system.

The company's main products are waste plastic cleaning and sorting system, waste plastic recycling cleaning and granulation equipment. At present, the company's products have been spread all over the country, at the same time, actively open up the international market, has been exported to the United States, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and other more than 50 countries and regions.

White Xiong Kemei not only has excellent technology, but also achieves the extreme of "high quality, commitment, efficiency and development" in product quality, and pursues the cultivation and creation of a spiritual and cultural core that conforms to the reality of the enterprise, urges people to make progress and innovates, and always strives for first-class spirit and culture. Learning "Kemei culture" can not only improve our ability to deal with things, but also increase our ability to treat people. The improvement of the level of dealing with people can not only help our cause, but also enrich our lives. The study of "Kemei culture" is conducive to us to communicate with each other, to improve our comprehensive quality, and to fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm and creativity. Let us grow happily at work and achieve our goals while realizing our self-worth.

White Xiong Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd. actively carries forward the "Kemei culture", creates first-class machinery and equipment, contributes to the recycled lead industry, and dedicates its strength to the prospect of the blue sky.

Zhangjiagang White Bear Kemei Machinery Co., Ltd.

Main products: waste plastic cleaning and sorting system, waste plastic cleaning and granulation equipment

Contact telephone number: 0512 58579188

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