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Zhongsheng Metal Co-sponsored the 2019 (Ninth) Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit to win the "lead"!
Jun 20,2019 11:59CST
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SMM6 20 month news: in recent years, the lead industry crisis, wave after wave, and the renewable lead industry chain is dependent on its lips and teeth, complement each other. Throughout the lead industry, lead prices continue to move down, lead resources are difficult to regenerate, and the use of recycled lead is increasing year by year, which makes the "lead" road difficult and needs to find another way. Batteries, as the main member of recycled lead, are also subject to a joint effect. In particular, such as "waste lead battery pollution prevention and control action plan", "waste lead acid battery recovery technical specification", "electric bicycle safety technical specification", "new energy vehicle power battery recovery and utilization management interim measures" and other policies, in the protection of the environment, reduce pollution on the premise of industrial optimization and upgrading of the renewable lead industry; renewable lead and lead battery industry is also facing survival of the fittest.

"lead" road is difficult, renewable lead, lead battery industry how to win thousands of miles? Zhongsheng Metal Co-sponsored the 2019 (Ninth) Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit, which jointly contributed to the renewable lead battery industry and jointly promoted the healthy and lasting development of the industry and enterprises.

What is sacred about Zhongsheng metal?

Zhongsheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. provides a continuous stream of conductive materials for many lead-acid battery enterprises, as the primary object of cooperation of many battery enterprises, for Zhongsheng Metal, are beginning with products, trapped in technology, loyal to quality.

Baotou Zhongsheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of metal calcium and calcium alloy products. Baotou Zhongsheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. the company has a registered capital of 2.6 million yuan and total assets of more than 30 million yuan. The company is headquartered in Qingshan District, Baotou City, with its marketing center and technology center. With the continuous development of the company, it has a subsidiary Changzhi County Daoji Metal Materials Co., Ltd., the company's production base is located in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, the annual production capacity of all kinds of calcium alloy products up to 5000 tons. The company's main products are calcium alloy series products, specifically high purity metal calcium, calcium aluminum alloy, calcium magnesium alloy, calcium nickel alloy, calcium lithium alloy, calcium rare earth alloy (calcium aluminum lanthanum alloy, etc.). The above products are mainly used as highly efficient conductive materials in lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

Calcium aluminum alloy

Metal lanthanum

Metal calcium

Special characteristics of Zhongsheng in vacuum smelting

From the beginning of its establishment, Zhongsheng Metal Company has worked closely with major colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to focus on the research and development and transformation of all kinds of new products in the calcium industry, improve the production process, and continuously improve the quality and stability of the products. with unique vacuum smelting technology to provide the battery industry with green, clean, pollution-free and military quality professional conductive alloy solutions. And the company's products have been widely used and promoted in the major domestic battery enterprises and lead alloy enterprises, with advanced technology, reliable quality to win the widespread praise of users, but also become a high-quality supplier of Zhejiang Tianneng battery!

Pursue quality excellence

Zhongsheng Metal Company has won the public color with its technical products and strives for excellence in quality. The company will increase investment in research and development and production to further improve the quality of existing alloy products at the same time, in lithium iron carbonate batteries, lithium titanate batteries, graphene batteries and other application areas continue to launch energy-saving, environmental protection, high quality and low price conductive alloy products, effectively solve the practical problems of the battery industry, contribute to the improvement of the equipment level of the battery industry, but also forge ahead in the "lead" road.

Zhongsheng Company will, as always, pursue the business philosophy of honesty, high quality and high efficiency with new and old friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, and strengthen cooperation to create new resplendence in the 21st century.

Baotou Zhongsheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

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