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SMM June 20 other areas 1 # lead market KuaiBao
Jun 20,2019 08:33CST
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SMM, June 20 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

Overnight, Lun lead opened at US $1916 / ton, and in the Asian session, Lun lead basically ran within a narrow range of US $1910. In the European session, the write-off warehouse receipt of Lun lead increased more than fivefold, boosting the impact of Lun lead to US $1933.5 / tonne, followed by a collective dive in non-ferrous metals. Lun lead was dragged down, once as low as US $1880 / ton, near the close, as the dollar dived weaker, Lun lead repaired part of the decline, and finally reported at US $1902 per ton. It fell $14.50 a tonne, or 0.76%, and its position fell 2576 hands to 108379. The $1900 mark became a short-term pressure level, but the continued strength of the dollar was limited by the loosening expectations of the Fed's interest rate cut, partly easing the pressure on the lead to weaken.

Overnight, Shanghai lead 1907 contract opened at 16220 yuan / ton, initially dragged down by the external market, Shanghai lead followed down, the process basically showed a slow downward rhythm, but compared with Lun lead, Shanghai lead fell to a limited extent, finally reported at 16140 yuan / ton, down 1907 yuan / ton, down 0.62%, the position was reduced by 230 hands to 37414 hands. Shanghai lead recent trend significantly narrowed, but the overall operation slowly upward, the future test of the upper 16300 pressure platform, low because the supply of renewable raw materials has not yet been loosened, lead prices still maintain a concussive point of view.

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