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[elegant appreciation] the silver industry of the times stands on the SMM "stage" to show the art and noble spirit of silverware!
Jun 18,2019 15:15CST
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SMM6, 18 March: silver has precious metal properties, and it has a certain consumption composition in the domestic and international markets. China, the United States and Japan are the largest contributors to the demand side of the global silver industry, and the total output of silver in China accounts for a large proportion of the world. The main uses of silver are mainly based on the three pillars-industry, photography, jewelry and silverware, especially jewelry and silverware are the main manufacturing needs of silver. Because jewelry and silverware has a high collection and ornamental value, it is favored by collectors and investors, and silver handicraft ornaments are also vigorously purchased by people.

SMM-- Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading independent third-party metal industry chain integrated service provider in China. Shanghai Nonferrous Network (www.smm.cn) is far ahead of its peers in terms of traffic. SMM provides authoritative spot quotations for silver on a daily basis for reference by people in the industry.

"see the historical price of exclusive silver spot in SMM

Is the gold can not always be buried in the earth, should give the top platform to show the dazzling light of the silver industry of the times!

Time Silver is an enterprise that takes sterling silver as the main carrier and devotes itself to building a world-class silverware brand. Recently, Silver signed an agreement with SMM and settled on the front page of SMM. I hope more people can get to know Times Silver through the SMM platform and understand the art and charm of its products.

Invest in collectibles

Tea set

Shenzhen Times Silver Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high-end gift research and development, production and sales in one of the enterprises. The silver industry of the times takes sterling silver as the main carrier, based on the five thousand years of Chinese silver culture, inheriting and carrying forward the technical culture of sterling silver handicrafts from the folk, combined with modern high-tech silver making technology, showing the exquisite craftsmanship held by the silver industry of the times. And the company adhering to the "sincere to believe" business philosophy, "inheritance, family, handed down" brand management concept as the cornerstone, the integration of Chinese and Western art and design concepts, continue to develop unique creativity, excellent quality precious metal handicrafts, and gradually open up new fields of precious metal handicrafts industry.

Time Silver has an excellent design team and advanced production technology, market and customer demand-oriented, continuous integration of Chinese and Western silver culture, technology and creative design resources, to create a series of silver gifts with cultural meaning, at the same time, with high-quality after-sales service, truly people-oriented, do not forget the original intention. Our main types of gifts are pure gold and sterling silver yuan treasure, souvenirs, commemorative medals, bars, as well as sterling silver tea sets, wine sets, business gifts, etc., to create high-end gifts, showing noble temperament.

Tea set

Tea set

Wine utensils

Tailor-made, excellent quality

Time Silver Industry not only has exquisite design of silver gifts, but also can be customized. Time Banking to meet the banking, insurance, medicine and other listed enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, trade associations, chambers of commerce and other special gift-giving needs, high-end business gift needs to provide fully meet the needs of humanized design, tailor-made exclusive gifts, commemorative gifts. The times not only provide accurate and efficient customized services for customers, but also improve the awareness of the brand itself and the value of the brand. And our raw materials and products are guaranteed to be more than 999 purity, support third-party professional testing agencies to identify. All products support SMM# daily average price buyback (excluding labor costs).

Sterling silver incense apparatus

Silver dollar treasure

Sterling silver tea pot

Silver bowl set

Sterling silver health cup

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Time Banking to "sincere to believe, professional focus" for each customer to create a heart to belong to the high-end gifts. Welcome all major customers to work together to create good results.

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