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[SMM analysis] the price of light, medium and heavy rare earths rises by a large margin.
Jun 14,2019 20:49CST
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The prices of light rare earths and medium and heavy rare earths have risen this week. As a result of the rise in mineral prices and the general optimism of market participants in the future, the current price has risen all the way to 36-365000 yuan / ton, and the actual consumption downstream is relatively medium. driven by the rise in the price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide, neodymium oxide rose to 36.5-370000 yuan / ton. Terbium oxide has risen to 410-4.15 million yuan / ton due to the small increase in dysprosium oxide this week, and the prices of other medium and heavy rare earths such as yttrium oxide, erbium oxide and holmium oxide have also risen to varying degrees. Yttrium oxide rose to 21-220000 yuan / ton, erbium oxide to 18.5-190000 yuan / ton and holmium oxide to 40-410000 yuan / ton.

In terms of light rare earth, due to the increase of raw materials at the end of light rare earth ore, the current rare earth carbonate ore is about 29000 yuan / ton, which is much higher than the previous 20000 yuan / ton, and the cost of smelting separation plant is higher. In addition, the total number of Xi Jinping in the early period, visits to Jiangxi Jinli permanent Magnet Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the National Development and Reform Commission held a forum on the rare earth industry, and three ministries jointly investigated rare earth and other mineral resources, and a series of policy benefits, such as the promotion of confidence in rare earths in the industry, there is still room for upward progress in the future, such as praseodymium and neodymium oxide, but at present, light rare earths are still in a state of oversupply in China. Therefore, it is expected that the future uplink space is limited. In the case of medium and heavy rare earths, the closure of imports of ionic rare earth minerals from Myanmar, coupled with the suspension of production by 56 medium and heavy rare earth mining enterprises under the Southern rare Earth Group, the shortage of medium and heavy rare earth minerals is becoming more and more serious. although the amount of dysprosium oxide used by downstream magnetic enterprises has been reduced, procurement has only been maintained on demand. However, the shortage of ionic rare earth minerals will continue to push up the prices of medium and heavy rare earths such as dysprosium oxide and terbium oxide.

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