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Weekly Review of selenium Market (6.10-6.14): the price of selenium market is still stable
Jun 14,2019 17:53CST
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The transaction situation in the selenium market this week has not changed much compared with last week, and the performance of demand has not changed much. By Friday, foreign media selenium powder was quoted at US $8.5 to US $10.5 per pound, the average price unchanged from last week. Overseas prices continue to maintain stability and support the confidence of the domestic selenium powder market. By Friday, the price of selenium powder in China was 140 to 165 yuan / kg, unchanged from last week.

In terms of selenium, prices remained stable this week, reaching 85 to 90 yuan / kg on Friday, unchanged from Friday. Recently, the market price of electrolytic manganese in the lower reaches of selenium has always maintained a steady trend, the market transaction is mainly based on the implementation of long orders, the performance of the demand side is average, the overall actual transaction tends to be flat, and the manganese market is still stable. Last week, a large quantity of selenium was purchased and prepared by a large number of domestic electrolytic manganese manufacturers. At present, it does not seem to have blown obvious waves to the market, so that the suppliers of the selenium market have to continue to wait and see what happens, and the shipping price is still stable.

In terms of crude selenium, in line with the performance of the selenium market, selenium producers normal and stable replenishment of crude selenium production on Tuesday, the trading volume is still average. After Dragon Boat Festival short holiday, copper enterprises crude selenium shipment willingness is not strong, enter the stage to cherish the price wait-and-see period. By Friday, the price was 98 to 108 yuan / kg, the average price has not changed from Friday.

Forecast next week: overseas market resistance to the domestic selenium market has a boost, but the current selenium prices from weak to obviously strong or need sustained purchasing power support, it is expected that the selenium market will continue to be weak and stable next week.

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