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Indium City mentality active transaction General-SMM Indium spot Weekly report (2019.06.10 to 2019.06.14)
Jun 14,2019 16:12CST
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SMM, June 14 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

This week, the domestic indium market is more active than last week, mainly driven by the replenishment of raw materials by individual manufacturers, prompting speculators and traders to inquire actively, but the holders are cautious and wait-and-see, the willingness to ship is not strong, and the actual trading volume has not been magnified. The forward price in the domestic speculative market jumps frequently, which is very different from the spot fundamentals, and the market mentality changes from restlessness to rationality. To the weekend, SMM refined indium tax transaction price of 1060-1100 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week.

This week, the price of refined indium is strong, and the price of crude indium has become stable. The crude indium transaction price of mainstream manufacturers is close to the online price of SMM, and the crude indium tax transaction price is 970 101010kg / kg, which is the same as last Friday.

The Sino-US trade negotiations have repeatedly encountered resistance. At present, the country attaches great importance to the strategic position of rare earths. Therefore, under the dual boost of policy and environmental protection, the domestic rare earth share price has been constantly refreshed. This has also aroused institutional investors' interest in speculation on small metals. Under the influence of speculative atmosphere, traders have taken part in the increase in spot holders' quotations, but the terminal consumption is still weak, the performance is flat, and the downstream replenishment demand is general. Wait and see. The overall spot trading volume is still relatively stable, while the weekly and internal media indium prices fell to eliminate the impulse desire of speculators, and the weekend market was obviously weak.

On the export side, the lower limit of foreign media quotations rose last week, but this week the upper and lower limits fell by US $10 / kg to US $155 to US $175 / kg, reflecting the downturn in terminal consumption abroad and at home. Close to the overseas summer off season, but the current purchase inquiry is still not visible, exporters feedback is currently scattered single inquiry is also rare, contract renewal is also facing concern.

Next week, the city of indium is still worried about the emergence of real physical buyers before prices can go up effectively.

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