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Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (6.10 to 6.14): it is difficult to get stable spot after rising first
Jun 14,2019 15:42CST
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This week the silicon manganese market overall presents the upward trend, the quotation and the actual transaction price rises obviously, but the spot is still scarce, the market search is difficult.

On the supply side, the start-up of silicon and manganese in the north has risen this week, with the start-up rate rising by about 6%, but the major alloy plants in the north are mainly to complete orders and are rarely willing to accept new orders. At the same time, the good expectation of infrastructure provides a guarantee for downstream steel production, and the demand for silicon and manganese is also in a considerable position, but at present, the willingness to produce silicon and manganese in the main producing areas is still general, unwilling to produce too much to accumulate inventory or make more stock, on the one hand, because after the good performance of infrastructure at this stage, whether the demand of steel mills is good or not, on the other hand, At present, the reason why the price of silicon and manganese is stable and strong is mainly due to the shortage of spot in the national market and the stronger bargaining power of alloy manufacturers. If there is too much spot and inventory, it is not conducive to the stability of market price.

In terms of raw materials, the reason for the downward adjustment of imported manganese ore prices in July was that some miners lowered their lowest manganese ore prices by about 0.5 yuan per ton on Monday. After the reduction, the manganese ore prices were in a state of low consolidation, and the short-term loss market still failed to improve. At the same time, the silicon and manganese profits are mainly due to the cost advantage of the ore price. Therefore, the short-term alloy manufacturers still maintain the form of cracking down on the manganese ore prices. However, due to the pressure of persistent losses, manganese miners are no longer willing to lower ore prices, short-term ore prices or remain stable.

Today SMM Inner Mongolia Si mn 6517 average quotation is 7500 yuan / ton (accepted ex-factory price), the same as last week, but the low price source is significantly reduced.

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