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The Prospect of Today's Financial data:
Jun 14,2019 00:00CST
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SMM6, 14 March: today, China's National Bureau of Statistics held a press conference on the operation of the national economy in June (the press conference was held at 3: 00 p.m.); IEA to announce the monthly crude oil market report.

In terms of data, the annual rate (%) of retail sales of consumer goods in China in May was released in the morning. China is Australia's largest exporter. The quality of the Chinese economy will have a huge impact on Australian exports, which in turn will affect the Australian economy. Foreign exchange investors judge the Australian economy and the Australian dollar based on Chinese data.

At the same time, China will also announce an annual rate of industrial value added of more than YTD (%) from January to May, and corporate profits will increase, indicating that China's economy is stronger and stronger. As Australia's largest trading partner, China's economic acceleration is conducive to Australia's exports and is most useful for Australia's economy, thus benefiting the Australian dollar.

In the afternoon, France will have the final annual rate of CPI in May (%). Generally speaking, in a benign inflationary environment, the higher the inflation, the better the economy, the more likely the central bank will raise interest rates, the more favorable the exchange rate will be.

In the evening, the monthly rate (%) of retail sales in the United States for May is released, and the retail data play an important role in determining the economic situation and prospects of a country, as retail sales directly reflect changes in consumer spending.

Finally, the monthly rate (%) of industrial output in the United States in May will be released, which is a leading indicator of economic health. Production responds quickly to the ups and downs of the business cycle and is closely related to consumer spending, employment and many other industries. If industrial output rises, it will be good for the dollar.

Today's important financial data are shown in the table below:

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