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Toyota and Hyundai stop sales of fuel cell vehicles due to hydrogen fuel station explosion
Jun 12,2019 13:47CST
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SMM6, 12 June: an explosion and fire broke out at a hydrogen refueling station owned by Norway's Sandvika,Uno-X Company on June 10.

The cause of the explosion is not yet clear, and the area is still under investigation.

Uno-X shut down two other hydrogen fuel filling stations in Norway, while automakers Toyota and Hyundai temporarily suspended sales of fuel cell vehicles, (FCVs). And FCVs owners may get more loans.

Due to the problems of emissions and energy, the automobile industry is actively looking for alternative fuels, hydrogen fuel cells and other development has attracted much attention. Hydrogen energy is regarded as the most potential clean energy in the 21st century. Human beings have been interested in the application of hydrogen energy since 200 years ago. Since the 1970s, hydrogen energy research has been widely carried out in many countries and regions in the world.

However, it can not be denied that due to the shortcomings of high cost, low energy efficiency and imperfect infrastructure, the market still maintains a wait-and-see attitude towards the prospect of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. And with the shortening of the (BEVs) charging time of the pure electric vehicle and the increase of the range of the single charge, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle itself is facing strong competitive pressure. Now the explosion is even worse for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

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