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[note] A strategy meeting that brings together most of the investment elite is about to be held to see who is there!
Jun 11,2019 12:16CST
The "20119SMM & Hongze Nonferrous Metals Trading Strategy Conference" will be held in Shanghai on June 14, which will focus on the development trend and price trend of the metal industry in the context of the trade war between China and the United States. First of all, release the latest registration list, you are welcome to join the camp of the discussion!
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The "20119SMM & Hongze Nonferrous Metals Trading Strategy Conference" will be held on June 14 at the Xingrong Windham Superior Hotel in Shanghai, which will focus on the trend of the global economy in the context of the Sino-US trade war. The development trend and price trend of the metal industry are interpreted. In addition, in the case of metal prices down, sales and profits facing challenges, if enterprises through futures arbitrage, risk hedge and other operations, but also become another way for enterprises to survive.

Since its inception, the strategy has attracted wide attention from the investment community and the industry, and the number of participants is expected to exceed 750. SMM now publishes the latest list of attendees so that you can find old friends, new friends and potential customers. At the same time, SMM also welcomes friends who have not yet signed up to click on the registration channel below as soon as possible!

This meeting basically gathered most of the elite of the investment community, I believe that the scene will open a blazing brainstorming!

Welcome to the discussion!

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The list of recent participants is as follows:

Guests of the meeting introduced:

The meeting is divided into macro main venue, and copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, black six sub-venues. Will be played by the strength of Hongze Midao-Hongze research founder Wang Pei, for you on-the-spot analysis of the future trend of non-ferrous metals. Hong will study the macro commodity chief analyst Shi Qi to bring you to 2019 macroeconomic and exchange rate market in-depth analysis. Qian Peng, a senior analyst based on SMM, 's current Hiro Midao research, will use the skills of the two major "schools" to bring you "colored variety fundamentals and transaction logic analysis."

In addition to the SMM senior analysts to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current market hot spots, For example, why the contraction of copper supply failed to allow copper prices to take off, the reasons behind the recent rebound in aluminum prices and their future trends, whether the inflection point of zinc mine supply and zinc stocks is coming, and why the "new national standard" has formally implemented haze for lead consumption. Short-term stainless steel support nickel medium-term balance gradually turned to surplus, in the dam break after the iron ore price skyrocketing follow-up story, what are the trading opportunities of the whole black industry, and so on. SMM also invited Yao Guang, chairman of Tianfeng Futures, Duhui, executive director of China-Thailand Securities Research Institute, Bin Yixiang, general manager of Hangzhou Xiangshi Industrial Co., Ltd., Li Wei, director of research at Zhongbang, Shanghai Zhuoshang Asset, and Zhou Xiangjian of Shanghai Hanjun International Trading Co., Ltd., Wei Liang of Shanghai Yuguang Gold and lead International Trading Co., Ltd., Yin Yurong of Chihong Industrial Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhou Qian of Shanghai chaos Investment Co., Ltd. Huang Lijing of Shanghai Yihui Investment Management Co., Ltd., Li Chuan of Jiren (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Dai Xia of Mei Erya Futures and Hong studied Huang Yi, a black analyst, and other real-time figures in the investment community. Work with you on the spot to point out the direction for your 2019 investment!

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