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Weekly Review of selenium Market (6.3-6.6): transaction performance of selenium market is stable and the price is in the middle part of the decline slightly.
Jun 6,2019 17:35CST
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The transaction situation of the selenium market this week has changed little compared with last week, the demand performance is still weak, and some prices have fallen. By Friday, foreign media selenium powder was quoted at $8.5 to $10.5 per pound, down $0.50 per pound from last week at the high end and low end of the market. Overseas prices have maintained stability for nearly two months, which has had a certain negative impact on the stability of the domestic market. For fear that export orders will be affected, coupled with the original light domestic downstream demand procurement performance, the overall price focus of the domestic market has shifted downward. By Friday, the price of selenium powder in China was 140 to 165 yuan / kg, down 5 yuan / kg from last week.

In terms of selenium, prices remained stable this week, reaching 85 to 90 yuan / kg on Friday, unchanged from Friday. The price of electrolytic manganese is basically stable in the near future, although the actual trading activity is general, but from the current part of the preliminary finalized bidding price, the price stability is the mainstream trend. The new Ghana manganese carbonate sales policy requires the corresponding external CIF minimum selling price should not be less than 5 US dollars / tonnage also refers to the stable price to resist decline, so the market is basically stable in the future. It is rumored that a large domestic electrolytic manganese manufacturer this week resumed a large number of selenium procurement reserves, this move also strongly boosted the confidence of the industrial chain, other electrolytic manganese manufacturers are not expected to purchase raw materials as cautious as in the previous period. Therefore, the current favorable situation downstream is more beneficial to the selenium market. Coupled with the raw material crude selenium price strong support, two selenium merchants shipping price stable attitude.

In terms of crude selenium, in line with the performance of the second selenium market, selenium producers normally and steadily replenished their positions to produce crude selenium on Tuesday, and the trading volume was still average. On the eve of Dragon Boat Festival short holiday this week, the actual trading time was also one day short. Although the crude selenium inventory of copper enterprises was still high, it temporarily suspended the practice of trading volume through price reduction and turned to wait-and-see. By Friday, the price was 98 to 108 yuan / kg, the average price has not changed from Friday.

Forecast next week: the overseas market from stable to downward, there is a certain negative impact on the selenium market. At present, the selenium price to continue to stabilize or need the joint force of downstream production or export demand procurement, it is expected that the selenium market will still strive to maintain stability next week, wait and see the change in demand.

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