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Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (6.3 to 6.6): the trend of high price has become a fixed trend and the mood of production is very good.
Jun 6,2019 17:11CST
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This week, silicon and manganese prices have been established, North and South manufacturers have quoted high prices, spot prices are hitting new highs.

On the demand side, according to the known bidding news of steel mills, the demand for silicon and manganese increased by about 7.4% in June compared with May, and the demand for traders also increased. On the supply side, due to the low willingness to produce alloys in May and the impact of the shortage of stock, at present, the main producing areas in the north have completed orders for steel mills, and few new traders have arranged orders. The alloy start-up rate behind the strong demand is also significantly higher than at the end of last month. This week, the price center of silicon and manganese in the north continues to move up, the mainstream quotation is concentrated in 7300 yuan / ton, the low price supply is further reduced, the market low price spot supply is very difficult to find. The recovery of market prices has brought about an increase in the output and operating rate of the main producing areas, but according to incomplete statistics, the starting rate of the Northeast, Chongqing and other areas has dropped slightly this week, and when the market has improved, the main production rhythm has returned to the main producing areas.

At present, the downstream manganese ore market is the main source of profit for alloy manufacturers. Domestic manganese ore traders have suffered serious losses for nearly a month. When the losses are serious, they are about 3 yuan per ton. High inventory is still the main reason for dragging down domestic ore prices. Coupled with cash flow pressure, the bargaining power of miners has been repeatedly compressed, inventory is not down, mining prices are difficult to recover significantly in the short term, the situation of alloy factory profits will be maintained in the short term.

The average quotation for today's SMM Inner Mongolia silicomanganese 6517 is 7500 yuan per ton (accepted ex-factory price), up 75 yuan per ton from last week.

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