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Indium Market weakens temporarily-SMM Indium spot Weekly report (2019.06.03 to 2019.06.06)
Jun 6,2019 16:41CST
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SMM, June 6 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

This week indium market trading improved slightly from last week, just into the lower reaches of June rigid demand replenishment interest slightly increased, but the confidence of the market is still in doubt, the purchase volume is still cautious. On the other hand, orders on the export consumer side are still weak, and exporters' reaction to inquiry mail is now very rare, and there is no sign of traditional pre-summer purchases, although foreign media quotations rose slightly over the weekend to US $165-185 / kg. The average price is up $2.50 / kg from last week. Domestic to the weekend SMM refined indium transaction price of 1060-1100 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week.

As a result of the auction event at the beginning of the year, the price of refined indium has dropped by about 30% this year. Although it has not been seen circulating to the market, the shadow of the price is still in the hearts of suppliers and downstream users. Manufacturers not only reduce inventory, but also purchase raw materials more cautiously. Not only the price is locked, but also the purchase quantity is also based on the order demand, which affects the weak consumption of crude indium, the transaction of crude indium without tax is in a negative state, and the purchase price of refined indium refinery is more, but the space is limited. The mainstream transaction of crude indium is 970 yuan / kg. The speculative market is slightly active this week because it is far from the delivery date, feedback says it has little impact on the spot market, and the participation of traders is not enough. It is said that the reduction in demand for ITO targets, the main products downstream of refined indium, is mainly caused by the global panel surplus, which has led to a downturn in domestic refined indium exports, and exporters have also responded that it is also difficult to renew their contracts for a long period of time this year, and that sporadic procurement negotiations have been repeated. It is more difficult to close a deal.

Next week, the indium city is in a weak state of supply and demand, the market is temporarily stable.

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