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[brief comment on Zinc in SMM period] Shanghai Zinc completes the finishing and Operation within the Day of the main change of the month
Jun 5,2019 16:23CST
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SMM6 News of the 5th of June:

Today, Shanghai Zinc completed the main month change, Shanghai Zinc 1907 contract opened at 20360 yuan / ton, more into the air at the beginning of the day, Shanghai zinc upward touch high 20390 yuan / ton, but failed to stand firm and quickly fell back to 20275 yuan / ton line to find support, and then the short left the market substantially. Shanghai zinc was boosted up to a smooth and volatile operation above the daily average, with an operating range of no more than 30 yuan / ton. Shanghai zinc fell to about 20260 yuan / ton, closing down to 20275 yuan / ton, down 30 yuan / ton, or 0.15%, from the previous transaction. Trading volume was reduced by 130000 hands to 310000 hands, and positions by 4100 hands to 262000 hands.

The main 1908 contract of Shanghai zinc opened at 19950 yuan / ton, and at the beginning of the day, the short position reduced and raised 20040 yuan / ton, and then the short position increased, dragging down the Shanghai zinc to find support near the daily average line, and then rose slightly. The center of gravity of the operation was moved up to a narrow range of 19960 yuan / ton, the operating range was no more than 30 yuan / ton, the short position at the end of the plate came into the market substantially and pressed the zinc price, and the zinc in Shanghai quickly went down 19845 yuan / ton before finishing slightly, closing down to 19875 yuan / ton. Compared with the previous transaction, it fell 70 yuan per ton, or 0.35%. Trading volume increased by 13658 hands to 18226 hands, and position volume increased by 5838 hands to 267000 hands. During the day, Shanghai zinc ran smoothly as a whole, and the end of the plate was obviously suppressed by short positions, and the whole plate jumped off all EMA. The KDJ index turned down, indicating that Shanghai zinc still had no significant upward action energy. However, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was just around the corner, and spot trading was boosted to a certain extent. Show that the market consumption is not fully weak, Shanghai zinc is expected to fall at night or no deep decline, night or by the outside market to boost the high opening and finishing operation.


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