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[SMM analysis] the market is expected to rise rationally after rare earths deduce the soaring market.
May 24,2019
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SMM5 24-month news: this week the domestic rare earth market staged a sharp rise, in addition to heavy rare earths continue to rise, praseodymium neodymium-based light rare earths also joined the rising team. As of Friday, praseodymium and neodymium oxide mainstream 33-340000 yuan / ton, dysprosium oxide 195-2 million yuan / ton, terbium oxide 360-3.605 million yuan / ton, gadolinium oxide 20-210000 yuan / ton.

Recently, heavy rare earths have risen strongly, and the downstream permanent magnet industry has also joined the hot ranks of the market since this week. As President Xi visited permanent magnet enterprises and presided over the meeting, market confidence was boosted and prices of praseodymium and neodymium products were strongly raised. Medium and heavy rare earths are mainly supported by the suspension of imports from Myanmar mines, making the market worried about the supply of medium and heavy rare earths in the future, while light rare earth products are driven by good expectations of downstream permanent magnet consumption.

Under the continuous sharp rise in prices, downstream inquiry orders have increased, upstream holders have cherished sales sentiment and generally bullish, the market has a certain transaction; however, as prices rise to a high level, downstream procurement is also more cautious, rare earth prices rose slowly on Friday. Looking ahead to next week, rare earth prices are expected to rise more rationally.

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