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Guangzhou: the price difference between the north and the south of the wire is hung upside down because there is no more sunny day.
Apr 23,2019
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From the beginning of the festival, the price of building materials in Guangzhou is flat throughout the country, and the price of wire rod is even more depressed. This month, the price difference between East China and East China is even more inverted. Even in the same market, the price difference between different varieties is also difficult to open. The spiral price difference in Guangzhou continues to be lower than the national average. According to SMM iron and steel research, under the pattern of weak supply and demand of online disk, Guangzhou spiral price difference has no obvious signs of rising, and it may be more difficult to repair the price difference with East China.

On the demand side, Guangzhou is almost "hard to see" in May, which is bound to affect the release of market procurement demand. According to statistics from the Meteorological Bureau, there are few sunny days in Guangzhou from April 23 to May 29. Coupled with the current prices have risen to the high level after a year, the market mentality is more cautious. [SMM Steel]

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